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WordPress Autoblogging Software For Automated Content Creation

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Autoblogging And Automatic Content Creation

Autoblogging or Autoposting is a method of creating content automatically for your WordPress site or blog using software that finds, scrapes, or curates content from different online sources. Autoblogging software finds content related to keywords or topics that you specify …

(Autoblogging tools find content based on the keywords you specify. Source: CovertVideoPress)

And then drip-feeds this content into your WordPress site at regular or random intervals depending on your software settings …

(Autoblogging tools find and post content automatically to your site. Source: CovertVideoPress)

Autoblogging is different than scheduling WordPress posts to publish at a later date. When scheduling posts, you are adding pre-written content to your post editor and specifying the time you would like it to be published. With autoblogging, you are scheduling software to find, compile, and publish the content it finds on your site.

Whether you agree with the use of autoblogging software or not, automated content creation tools exist and many online marketers use these tools to populate their blogs with content.

Some common uses for autoblogging/autoposting software includes:

There are a number of WordPress plugins you can use for autoblogging. A very popular autoblogging tool is WP Robot.

WP Robot

(WP Robot – WordPress autoblogging plugin)

Plugin URL

To download this plugin, visit the site below:

Plugin Description

WP Robot is a powerful and easy-to-use autoblogging plugin for WordPress. It allows you drip-feed content to your site on auto-pilot at regular intervals that you specify. Your posts will then be targeted to any keyword you select and in any topic you choose.

WP Robot can autopost articles from over 20 content providers …

WP Robot also has a powerful templating system that gives you full control over the types of posts you can create …

You can specify which modules you want to autopost content from, and only templates for those modules will then display …

With WP Robot, you can build autoposting campaigns based on keywords that you specify …

You can also specify the posting interval for the drip-fed content …

You can create multiple posting campaigns, and select different templates for each campaign …

Once your campaign is created, you can then choose to run or pause it, edit it, copy it to create a similar campaign, or post content immediately …

WP Robot gives you complete control over your campaigns inside your own WP administration area …

Plugin Features

Some of the main features of WP Robot include:

Plugin Installation

WP Robot provides full documentation including step-by-step tutorial and videos on how to install, configure, and use the plugin.

For more information about this plugin, visit the site below:

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Hopefully, this tutorial has given you insights and ideas about using automated content generation tools. For more ideas, methods, tips, and strategies on ways to create web content, we recommend subscribing to our FREE content creation course.

(Source: Pixabay)

Additional images in this tutorial were sourced from WP Robot’s online documentation.


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