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Content Marketing With WordPress – Using Content Rewriting Tools

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Content Marketing With WordPress – Using Content Rewriting Software

This tutorial series covers different methods you can use to create content for your site using third-party content.

These methods include:

In this tutorial, we look at using content rewriting software.

Content Rewriting Software

So far, we have looked at rewriting existing content gathered from different information sources around the web as a way of creating articles and posts for your website or blog without having to start things completely from scratch. Now, let’s look at some content rewriting tools that will help make this process easier.

There are software programs available that can save you time researching and gathering content from various online sources, and then allow you to intelligently rewrite and combine the content into a unique and readable article that can provide value to readers and still be unique enough to be indexed by search engines.

Here are some of the more popular and well-supported content rewriting software available:

Content Rewriting

Instant Article Wizard

(Instant Article Wizard)

Instant Article Wizard gathers content from thousands of pages on the web like Google Web Results, Microsoft Word files, Adobe PDF files, content-rich articles, product reviews, etc. very quickly, then creates subtopics so you can break your content into relevant sections, generate paragraphs of content based on the topics you choose and rewrite the content using an integrated thesaurus.

To learn more about this tool, watch video demos, etc. go here:

Content Spinners

The Best Spinner

(The Best Spinner)

The Best Spinner lets you create unique variations of your content (also called content spinning or spintax), then output these into different articles. For example, if you enter the following snippet of text into the content spinning software:

{You should eat {fruits, veggies, and grains|veggies, fruits, and grains|fruits, grains, and veggies|grains, fruits, and veggies|veggies, grains, and fruits|grains, veggies, and fruits} if you want to be healthy.|If you want to be healthy, you should eat {fruits, veggies, and grains|veggies, fruits, and grains|fruits, grains, and veggies|grains, fruits, and veggies|veggies, grains, and fruits|grains, veggies, and fruits}.}

You will get the following variations:

If you look closely at each of the above sentences, you will see that they are not the same. Depending on the complexity of your spun content, you can create hundreds of completely unique article versions of an article, or rewrite any article quickly with The Best Spinner software.

To learn more about this tool, watch video demos, etc. go here:

Spin Rewriter

(Spin Rewriter)

Spin Rewriter uses a process called ‘Emulated Natural Language’ spinning (ENL) to create content. ENL spinning is able to tell the difference between words that have different meanings when used in a different context (e.g. ‘John read a book‘, and ‘John tried to book a trip to Europe’).

This allows you to include options in your spintax structure where the software will only choose options that fit the context of your sentences. So, if you spin text with the options of using words like ‘book’ and ‘novel,’ you will end up with ‘John read a novel,‘ but not ‘John tried to novel a trip to Europe.’

To learn more about this tool, watch video demos, and sign up for a FREE trial, visit the website below:

Why Use Content Spinning Software?

Let’s say that your website publishes articles or posts with sections that contain the same content (e.g. medical disclaimers, e-commerce store descriptions, etc.)

With content spinning, you can create a number of variations for each similar content section to help prevent publishing duplicated content on your posts and make each of your posts a little more unique.


There are tools that can help you rewrite content faster. Use these as a means to an end, not as the end itself.

Action Step

If you don’t want to create content from scratch, look into tools and methods you can use to rewrite existing content where the end product will not just be “readable” content for humans, but content that actually provides unique benefits and value to visitors.


Now that we’ve taken a look at using content rewriting software to create new content, let’s take a look at using ready-made content.

To learn more about using ready-made in your web content mix, see the tutorial below:


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