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HeatMapTracker – Heat Map Software

Being able to understand the behavior of visitors and users on your website is absolutely vital to your online success.

The old management adage “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is as important today as always. If you don’t know what is happening on your web site, how can you get better online results?

Website users have been looking for useful tools to track and understand what is happening since websites first appeared. From simple tracking counters, to very sophisticated and powerful statistical tracking software like Google Analytics that deliver comprehensively detailed information.

Analyzing visitor behaviour is vitally important for the success of your web site, not only because it enables you to understand what visitors are doing so you can improve your results, but testing also confirms that past visitor behaviour is the most reliable way to predict future behavior. Better, in fact, than user demographics.

While the ability to monitor valuable data such as how many web users are checking out your site, what pages they are landing on and leaving from, how long they are staying on your website for, keyword searches, average page views, referring sites, and so on, is highly essential, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what users are reading, where they are staying the longest period on, what links they are clicking on, which areas of your content visitors are reading, and more?

Fortunately, heat map technology makes this easy and possible. Website heatmaps can be used to monitor areas in a web page most frequently scanned by visitors. Web heatmaps are also often used alongside other forms of web analytic software and session replay tools.

If you use WordPress, then you can easily add heat map tracking with session replays to your collection of key online analysis tools with a simple to use and very inexpensive WordPress-compatible software application.

Heat Map Tracker – Live Click Tracking & HeatMap Tracker

(HeatMap Tracker)

Software Description

HeatMapTracker is technically not a WordPress plugin, but a software that is compatible with WordPress (and other applications) and that lets you record your website users’ entire session and generates live heat maps showing exactly where they click and where they are scrolling on your web pages.

The HeatMapTracker application also enables you to look over the shoulders of everyone who visits your web site.

To learn more about the software go here: HeatMap Tracker

Benefits Of Using HeatMap Tracker

The better you know how your users engage with your site, the more you can improve your website’s user experience. Imagine knowing the obstacles that prevent your users from fully engaging with your website, such as confusing site navigation elements, or disruptive banner ads. As the site owner, you can encourage your users to perform certain actions, such as join a newsletter or click on certain links.

Although Google Analytics has an overlay feature which can show you which links on a web page are being clicked, a heatmap will show you any clicks that users are making on your page, whether they are actual links or not. This is important because if a heat map report helps you discover that users are clicking on a graphic element which they suppose to be a link, but happens to not be a link, you would be able to quickly remedy this by linking the image to the destination URL your readers are trying to get to, or let your users know that the image is just a graphic.

Heat maps, therefore, are one of the best ways to test the design of your site, assess how navigatable your site is and help to improve conversions.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using HeatMap Tracker to track visitor behaviour on your website:

Monitor Everything Users Do On Your Web Pages

HeatMap Tracker captures every user browsing session on your web site, allowing you to view all links and buttons clicked, eye-tracking and page scrolls.

Full Control With No Limitations

The script is hosted on your own server, giving you no limits on session recordings and playbacks.

Free Updates & Enhancements

There is a one-off investment to own the software, which entitles you to receive unlimited updates and enhancements for free.

Some additional benefits include the following:

Heat Map Tracker Features

HeatMapTracker provides many features for website owners. Here are just some of these:

Additional software features:

The image below shows how HeatMapTracker measures up against alternative heatmap analytics services like CrazyEgg and Clicktale:


Below are some of the testimonials and feedback users have submitted regarding HeatMap Tracker:

“This plugin is the ultimate tool if you need to analyze your site visitors behaviour, including clicks, pages visited, time spent on each page, and a load of other details.” Tudor Pangal, Dream.Decide.Act.Succeed.


“HeatMapTracker is a wonderful WordPress plugin that lets you analyze where visitors on your website click, most of all you can see exactly what your visitors doing.” Towhid Zaman, CEO & Founder at DevsCraft, LLC


“HeatMap Tracker is a product you HAVE to own – and you probably don’t even realise it yet – how will you know what isn’t working on your website unless you can track it? This one product has allowed me to get the “edge” on my competitors – don’t let your competitors beat you to it.” Gordon Drayson, Gordon Drayson OnlineBookingAssistant.com

HeatMap Tracker Tips

Here are just some of the many ways you can use HeatMap Tracker on your site to improve your results:


HeatMapTracker is part of the Digital Kickstart Group owned by Mark Thompson, a well-known internet marketer with a solid reputation for providing exceptional product quality and support. The product download area contains video tutorials for installing and setting up the software.

Product Price

HeatMap Tracker is available in three editions:

Note: Price details for this product depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. The price above was current at the time this review was written. This may or may not be the actual price charged by the product seller when you visit the website and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after your purchase.

Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details:

Additional Info

For a video of the software in action, including installation videos and how to tutorials, FAQ and more, visit the Heat Map Tracker software website.

We Recommend

Analytics services like Google Analytics can give you some very useful data on things such as how many people are coming to your site, how they are finding it and what they do whilst on your web site. However, to truly gain an understanding into how your website and your content is being used by your visitors to connect with your business online, then a heat map analytics application can be extremely practical.

We recommend that you consider buying a license of HeatMapTracker if you need live heatmaps and accurate visitor recordings with detailed user-behavior tracking and conversion optimization to help improve your website’s user-experience, visitor engagement and for increasing your sales.

For more details, visit the software website: HeatMapTracker – Live ClickTracking And Heat Map Tracker