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Social Metrics Pro – Social Analytics Plugin For WordPress

Social interactions like Facebook shares, comments, and likes, +1s on Google+, etc. are called social signals.

Social signals impact search engine rankings and Google has been elevating the importance given to social signals as part of its ranking algorithm since late 2010.

Note: Google encourages website owners to build their brand on social media as a long-term investment to drive qualified traffic, instead of aiming for short-term benefits like search ranking placement. Google’s own head of its web spam team Matt Cutts has stated that Google takes a cautious approach when it comes to assessing social media signals, as social trends and relationships can change at a moment’s notice. Without a reliable ‘map,’ Google is understandably reticent to assign too much importance to the social sphere over other aspects of their search algorithm. In summary,  Google’s strategy is to “wait and see” how things develop over time, as sites that provide value develop longevity, trust and authority, and these are the sites that Google wants to rank higher in its search results.

Social Signal Sources

Social sites that search engines like Google look to for measuring social signals include:


With almost 2 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. Research shows that a single post can reach over 100,000 users, so even if it seems like Facebook is not driving droves of customers to your site, don’t be quick to dismiss Facebook as an important part of your business strategy, as Google processes data and information from Facebook when determining your search rankings. In fact, research indicates that Facebook seems influence website rankings more than other social media sites.

(Number of active Facebook users. Source: Statista.com)


After Facebook, Twitter is the second biggest social media site in the world, with over half a billion tweets sent out every single day. Twitter plays a significant role as a global influencer online and places great emphasis on the authority of tweets posted to readers over the volume of tweets sent …

(Over half a billion tweets are sent each day. Source: Internet Live Stats)

Google Plus

Google’s own social site naturally carries a significant degree of authority online, even if it has not reached the same level of growth and take up as Twitter and Facebook.

(More people are starting to interact socially on GooglePlus each week. Source: InternetLiveStats.com)

In addition to the big three social sites listed above, there are a number of other social media networks that provide important social signals, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

(Social media sites provide important signals that can affect your search engine rankings)

Which Social Signals Should You Pay Attention To?

Social signals tracked by search engines like Bing and Google include the following:

As a business owner, it’s important to not only find ways to grow your presence on major social networking websites, but also to be able to monitor and analyze your social marketing in order to improve your business results.

(Using social media can help improve your business results)

Monitoring social media activity allows you to gain insights into your brand’s online visibility on social media, help you take preventative measures if you detect negative comments or feedback by dissatisfied customers, spy on your competitors, measure the impact of campaigns, and spot market opportunities. It can also provide vital data about emerging trends and what clients and consumers think about specific topics, products, brands, or businesses.

As a business intelligence tool, social monitoring is invaluable. Using social media monitoring as a form of business intelligence, however, is a complex undertaking, often carried out by various people including marketing professionals, online reputation management (ORM) companies, market research, social engagement and community staff, social media marketing agencies, and sales teams. Typically, smaller businesses don’t can’t afford to pay social media monitoring professionals to continually track their coverage in the media.

Fortunately a number of providers have created many affordable tools that facilitate the monitoring of a variety of social media channels, allowing you to identify what consumers, competitors, supporters, and critics are saying about your brand allowing you to respond to conversations and interact with consumers in various social media platforms.

We have created a comprehensive article where we explore over 30 social media monitoring tools and technologies that will help you manage, measure, and analyze your social media marketing campaigns. For more information, go here:

(Are you monitoring your social signals effectively?)

This article explores a simple, yet highly effective plugin for WordPress-driven websites for tracking social media signals and increasing your social media influence online.

Our Recommended WordPress Plugin …

Social Metrics Pro – Social Analytics Plugin


Social Metrics Pro is an easy-to-install social analytics plugin that is designed to help users increase their social media influence online in an uncomplicated way. It is built on a simple concept – SocialMetricsPro tracks how each signal is performing and returns either a green or red indicator. The site owner’s job is simple … convert red squares into greens.

(SocialMetricsPro provides a standard operating procedure that any user can operate … simply turn reds into greens!)

Colors indicate relative popularity. This simplifies your social analytics. Posts that get shared the most display green. Posts with low social media activity are colored amber or red.

The plugin developers tested Social Metrics Pro on a network of 2,000+ sites over a period of three months. During this period, all they focused on was turning the “reds” to “greens” and then keeping their metrics on “green”. According to the plugin developers, they were able to notice that their top 10 best performing sites saw an improvement of up to 360% more traffic, 410% more keywords ranked in the first page of Google and they also experienced a 310% increase in revenues.

(According to Social Metrics Pro developers, improving your social media marketing can result in higher search rankings, increased web traffic and more revenue!)

For more details, visit the plugin site here:

Plugin Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of using Social Metrics Pro to track Likes, Tweets, +1s, Pins and more directly from your WordPress Dashboard on your web site:

Quick And Simple To Install And Set Up. Ready To Start Using In Minutes.

SocialMetricsPro is quite easy to install. Just upload the plugin file to your Plugins folder via your WP dashboard and activate.

Very Simple To Use

As mentioned earlier, the user’s goal is to change red squares into greens. Social Metrics Pro tracks and measures social media signals so you know which campaigns need you to invest more effort and where to optimize.

Track Social Signals From The Networks You Care About

Social Metrics Pro provides a powerful dashboard to monitor social media activity from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Digg.

SocialMetricsPro lets you easily answer questions like:

With Social Metrics Pro, all of this information can be accessed with a single click.

(SocialMetricsPro actively tracks the sites that you care most about!)

SocialMetricsPro Features

Social Metrics Pro provides many unique features to site owners. Here are just a few:

Additional plugin features include:

(SocialMetricsPro is very simple to use … just change more red squares into greens!)

User Testimonials

Here are just some testimonials customers have submitted regarding the Social Metrics Pro plugin:

”Social Metrics is the easiest way to see at a glance which posts have performed well on social networks.” Kevin Muldoon, Founder of WPMods.com


”If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve.” Goes one of the most important sayings in business. And this is particularly true for tracking of your social mentions I found. There were two things that helped me a great deal to increase sharing after installing Social Metrics: First, I was able to see that some of my articles would perform much better on networks I wasn’t particularly using, such as StumbleUpon for example. Secondly, I could filter out the best performing content more easily and analyse what makes my readers share. Since then I have focused strongly on producing and replicating those posts that performed best.” Leo Widrich, Co-Founder of Buffer

Social Metrics Pro – Tips

SocialMetricsPro comes with a practical guide on how to optimize your site for social media success (i.e. how to turn reds into greens).

Social Metrics Pro Plugin Support

The plugin is well-supported, and comes with free lifetime updates and support, backed by a risk-free, 60-day, 100% refund guarantee.

Software Pricing

SocialMetricsPro plugin is available in two editions:

Note: The cost of purchasing this product depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. The pricing shown above was current when this article was published. This may or may not be the actual pricing set by the software seller when you visit the plugin site and there may be additional upsells or one-time offers after you’ve purchased.

Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details:

Additional Information

SocialMetricsPro requires a self-hosted installation of WordPress and can be instantly downloaded after purchase.

We Recommend

As mentioned earlier, social signals impact search engine rankings and Google has been elevating the importance given to social signals as part of its ranking algorithm.

No website owner can afford to ignore how important social media is to their online success. Social Metrics Pro solves the problem of how to find a simple, time-saving solution that gives you immediate feedback on the success of your social marketing strategy and guides you where and how to direct your efforts in order to improve your results.

SocialMetricsPro is an ideal tool for beginners and advanced WordPress users alike. It tracks Tweets, Likes, Pins, +1s and more directly from your WP admin area.

We recommend this plugin if you own or manage WordPress sites and would like to save money on outsourcing your social campaigns.

To learn more, check out the plugin here: SocialMetricsPro – Social Media Analytics Plugin