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LandingPage Monkey – Landing Page Creation Software

LandingPage Monkey – Landing Page Creation Software

A proven way to capture new leads and subscribers is to build a list using a landing page that converts well.

Creating a good looking landing page that converts well, however, takes time. It requires designing the page and then tweaking it to improve conversions.

Hiring web coders, web designers, and web marketers to create landing pages that convert well is expensive, especially if you plan to build multiple lists using multiple landing pages. Many landing page creation services produce unattractive or outdated-looking pages, or tend to be restrictive or complicated to use.

In this post, we look at a web-based software that lets you create high-converting video background landing pages.

Landing Page Monkey

(LandingPage Monkey – Landing Page Creation Software)

Landing Page Monkey is a web-based software that lets you build high-converting, very attractive and professional looking landing pages with a few clicks of the mouse.

(Create attractive, high-converting video background landing pages)

Landing Page Monkey lets you create great looking landing pages quickly and easily using a background color, background image, or background video …

(Create great looking landing pages quickly and easily)

Attention-grabbing video backgrounds can out-convert regular landing pages, in some cases by almost 40%

(Landing pages with video backgrounds can outperform standard opt-in forms)

Landing Page Monkey works with all autoresponder services …

(Landing Page Monkey works with all autoresponders)

You can add video backgrounds from any hosted service, including YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, and even your own server …

(Add video backgrounds from any hosted service)

You can also add animations to your landing pages …

(Add animations to landing pages)

Your LandingPage Monkey dashboard lets you track conversions and monitor the performance of your landing pages and perform additional tasks like cloning, editing, resetting and deleting campaigns, copy landing page codes to your clipboard, import, export, and more …

(Track the results of all landing pages from your dashboard)

LandingPage Monkey features include:

As LandingPage Monkey is a web-based software, there is nothing to download, install, or update. LandingPage Monkey makes it easy to create high-converting landing pages without coding skills and without hiring a programmer or web designer. After your account is created, just log into your dashboard and start building beautiful point-and-click landing pages.

With LandingPage Monkey, you can easily build:


Here are some testimonials from LandingPage Monkey users:

”After beta testing Landing Page Monkey and really learning the full power of LPM – I have to say this is the most powerful list conversion software I have ever seen.” Stephen Luc, InstantPrivateLabelVideos.com

“You have a winner here! Now anyone can create really attention grabbing pages irrespective of design skills.” Todd Gross, Explaindio.com

For more testimonials, visit the website here: LandingPageMonkey.

Watch the demo video of LandingPage Monkey …

(Learn more about Landing Page Monkey)

LandingPage Monkey comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and there are no add-ons, upgrades, or upsells related to the software when you purchase. If you plan to build landing pages for clients, however, you can upgrade to a Developer license inside your account area.

More info: Landing Page Monkey


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