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How To Change The Admin Username In WordPress

For online security reasons, avoid creating WordPress sites with the username “admin”.

This is the default installation username for WordPress and one of the first vulnerable areas of website security hackers look for in the WordPress CMS.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to change the admin username in WordPress from ‘admin’ to a more secure username.

Changing Your WP Username From Admin To A Different Username

By default, with a new WordPress site, the first user is also the website administrator.

The default WordPress user name admin is not recommended, as it can out your website or blog at risk …

Let’s change your WordPress admin user name to a more secure user name.

There are several ways to access your “Profile” section after logging into your Dashboard area:

Click on the Users > All Users section in your main menu …

Click either on the username, or click on the Edit link when hovering over the username with your mouse …

Or, select Edit My Profile from the “Howdy, User” dropdown menu near the top-right hand corner of your admin area …

You can also access your “Profile” screen by selecting Users > Your Profile from your Dashboard side menu.

What you will discover in the Profile area, however, is that you cannot change your username inside your backend admin section …

So, how do you modify a username?

Change Admin Username By Creating A New Admin User

If your user name is “admin,” here’s the easiest way to change this without going into your server and altering your WordPress database:

First, let’s create a new user …

Next, create a different user name, and assign this new user account the role of “Administrator”. Save your changes to update your settings …

A new admin user should now be displaying …

Log out of your WordPress admin area …

Log in with the new admin details for the user you have just created …

You should see your new username details in the “Howdy, User” screen …

Click on Users > All Users in your main menu …

Delete your old user account …

Choose the option to attribute all content owned by the old user account and reassigned it to your new admin, then confirm the deletion of the old admin account …

You are now left with only the new Admin account, effectively changing your WordPress admin user name …

Change Admin Username Using A WordPress Plugin

Another easy way to change the username is to use a plugin like the one shown below.

Username Changer

(Username changer)

Username Changer is a free WordPress plugin that lets you easily change your admin username (and allow other users to change their usernames too!)

Installing The Plugin

To install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add Plugins and type in “username” into the Keyword search field (if you need help see our tutorial on installing WordPress plugins).

There are several plugins you can use to perform a similar function. Locate the Username Changer plugin and click on ‘Install Now’ …

(Install the plugin)

After installing the plugin, click the ‘Activate’ button …

(Activate the plugin)

Configuring The Plugin

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Settings > Username Changer

(Settings – Username Changer menu)

This brings you to the ‘Settings’ screen.

Here, you can allow other user roles to change their usernames too (be careful about doing this!) …

(Username Changer Settings – Allowed Roles)

You can also configure email notifications (if you choose to allow users to change their usernames) …

(Username Changer Settings – Email notifications)

Using The Plugin

To change your username, go to Users > Your Profile

(Users – Your Profile menu)

Scroll down to the ‘Name’ section and you will see a ‘Change Username’ link next to the grayed out username field. Click on this link to change your username …

(Click on ‘Change Username’ link)

The ‘Username’ field will become editable. Change your username and click the ‘Save Username’ button …

(Save your new username)

Changing your username will log you out of your WordPress admin area. You will need to log back into your WordPress site.

Click on the link to log back in …

(Click on the link to log back in)

Log back into your site with your new username (note: your password should remain the same) …

(Log back in with your new username)

Note: If you don’t click on the link to log back in you will find yourself logged out of your site …

(Changing your username will expire your session)

After logging back into your site, go to your User Profile section and you will see that your username has been changed.

(Username changed)

To learn more about this plugin, go here: Username Changer

Although this tutorial is mostly aimed for non-technical WordPress users, let’s go one step further and show you how to change a user name inside the WordPress database.

All you need is access to your server.

To learn how to search and replace content in your WordPress database without touching code or editing WordPress database tables, see the tutorial below:

How To Change Your Username Inside The WordPress Database

In the example below, we’ll be working with the cPanel management software …


Log into your server admin area …

cPanel administration area

Navigate to the “Databases” section and open phpMyAdmin


Open up your WP database.

Note: If you have multiple databases set up on your domain, make sure you select the correct one …

phpMyAdmin databases

Don’t worry about the complicated-looking screen.

Click on wp_users

The username is located in the “user login” column. To edit the field simply double-click on this text you want to change …

Type in the new user name and click outside the edit box to update the field with a new user name …

Log out of your server when you’re finished and reopen the browser to your WordPress site. You will probably find that your session is expired. Log in again with your new administration login details …

You will see that the user name has been updated. However, your site will probably still display the old “nickname” …

To choose a new “nickname”, access your Users area and click on the Edit link below the username …

You can also get to the Profile section if you click on the Edit My Profile link in the “Howdy, User” section …

Select a new name to display publicly from the drop down menu …

Note: You can also create a new Nickname in the Nickname field and it will then be available for selection in the Display name publicly as dropdown menu …

Click Update Profile to save your new settings …

You admin area is now updated with a new user name and nickname …

Congratulations! Now you know how to change your WordPress admin user name on your website.


"I have used the tutorials to teach all of my clients and it has probably never been so easy for everyone to learn WordPress ... Now I don't need to buy all these very expensive video courses that often don't deliver what they promise." - Stefan Wendt, Internet Marketing Success Group


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