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How To Delete A WordPress MySQL Database

This tutorial is part of our WordPress Management tutorial series. In this tutorial, we show you how to delete a MySQL database in cPanel.


How To Delete A WordPress MySQL Database

If you want to permanently delete or remove a MySQL database (as opposed to keeping the database and simply emptying out, or ‘dropping’ all of the data and/or tables stored in your database), then follow the tutorial below to delete a MySQL database using cPanel.

To learn more about using cPanel, go here:

How To Delete A MySQL Database

Log into your cPanel administration area …

Scroll down to the ‘Databases‘ section of your cPanel administration area and click on ‘MySQL® Databases‘ …

Select the MySQL database you want to delete from the list of databases in the ‘Current Databases’ section and click on Delete Database

Click ‘Delete Database‘ to proceed …

Congratulations! You have successfully deleted the MySQL database. Click on ‘Go Back’ to return to the Databases section, or go back to your home screen to continue working in cPanel …

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