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How To Set The Number Of Blog Posts To Display In WordPress

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, by default, WordPress treats your website as a ‘blog’ and displays your latest blog posts on the main page, unless you set a fixed page as a home page.

In a previously published post, we’ve also explained how to create a blog page to display your most recent published entries.

Regardless of your choice to have posts on your front page or your blog page, With WordPress you can specify the number of published posts to display on these pages (i.e. ’2’, ’5’, ’10’ etc.)

Your site will then display your most recently published articles on your blog page up to the maximum number of blog posts you have specified, even if your site contains more posts than the number of posts you have set to display …

The ability to set the number of blog post items display on your WordPress site has a number of practical uses.

For example, you can display only the most recent blog post that you have published. This is handy for example, if you promote a different limited-time offer each week, a ‘deal of the day’ type of offer, publish the latest results of a local sports competition, post an upcoming event, set up a quarterly corporate page for updates and announcements, etc.

Or, you can use this great feature to fill an ugly space on your blog page if your sidebar menu is too long …

Whatever the reason, With WordPress you have the flexibility to specify the number of posts that you want to display on main blog page.

Let’s show you, then, how to easily change the number of blog posts to display on your blog.

How To Set The Number Of Blog Post Entries Displayed On Your Blog

Through its content management system (CMS), WordPress allows you to choose how many published blog post entries you would like to have showing on the blog page of your website.

How many entries you want displayed is completely up to you. there is no limit to this amount …

Note: Choose a sensible setting that won’t overload your page as the entries load on your site. You can always increase or decrease the number of posts displayed on your blog page.

To set how many published posts you want displayed on the blog page of your web site, go to the WordPress navigation menu and select Settings > Reading

Configure your settings in the Reading Settings screen as shown below:

Changing The Number Of Posts On Your Main Page

If you are using your WordPress site as a blog (i.e. the default WordPress option), where the home page shows your most recent posts, then edit your settings as shown below:

  1. Front page displays: Set this to Your latest posts
  2. Blog pages show at most: X posts (where ‘X’ is the number of entries that you want to show – e.g. ‘1’, ’5’, ’10’, ’12’ etc.)
  3. Click the ‘Save’ button when finished…

Specifying The Number Of Posts Displayed On The Blog Page

If you are using your WP site as a website, where the home page is a fixed page and your latest post entries show up on a separate blog page, then set your options as described below:

  1. Front page displays: Set this to A static page, then select Posts page: > your Blog Page from the drop down menu
  2. Blog pages show at most: X posts X posts (where ‘X’ is the number of posts that you want displayed – e.g. ‘1’, ‘3’, ’10’, ’12’ etc.)
  3. Click on Save Changes when finished …

Now, when visitors come to your website, they will see blog posts displayed either on your home page or blog page, as per the settings you have specified …

To learn how to change the length of your post excerpts, see the tutorial below:

Congratulations! Now you know how to change the amount of blog posts you want to have showing on the blog page of your WordPress website.

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