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Managed WordPress Hosting Pros & Cons Beginner’s Tutorial Report Launched

Round Corner, Australia – June 15, 2017 /NewsNetwork/ —

WPCompendium.org, an informative website offering a variety of resources for WordPress users, announced a brief report on managed WordPress hosting platforms. Aimed at all WordPress users, the report helps readers understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a managed WordPress hosting service.


WPCompendium.org, an informative website offering a wide range of WordPress tutorials for beginners, launched a new report on the advantages and disadvantages of using a managed WordPress hosting service. The report is easy-to-understand and accessible, making it ideal for beginners exploring various WordPress hosting possibilities.

More information can be found at https://wpcompendium.org/wordpress-installation/benefits-of-managed-wordpress-hosting-for-wordpress-website-owners.

Online marketing has grown significantly in recent years, with more and more businesses looking to develop a solid online presence. A high-quality website centered on improved user experience and search engine responsiveness is essential for online growth – and with more than 90% of all consumers using the internet for business information, the importance of a positive online presence is very high.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), with millions of users using it to create their websites. WPCompendium.org is an informative website offering a wide selection of materials for WordPress users, in an effort to help the community manage, expand and create a solid online presence through sustainable and effective strategies.

The new report focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of using a managed WordPress hosting service. This type of WordPress hosting involves working with WordPress experts for the large majority of the technical processes involved in managing a website, thus helping the business owner focusing on content and marketing efforts, rather than website maintenance.

However, not all businesses might want to work with a managed WordPress hosting service. The report offers an overview of both the main advantages of using such a service – automatic updates, improved security and back-up features, scalability and support – and the disadvantages – significantly higher costs and the loss of complete control over the technical aspects of the website.

The report is a continuation of previous beginner’s guides to WordPress, including a short introduction to the platform and a guide to installing WordPress.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting: https://wpcompendium.org/wordpress-installation/benefits-of-managed-wordpress-hosting-for-wordpress-website-owners.

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