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Computer Password Security

This tutorial is part of our tutorial series on WordPress Security. In this tutorial, we look at improving computer password security to improve your overall web security.


Computer Password Security

Your WordPress site can be compromised as simply and as easily as having someone access your computer and steal information containing your site’s login details.

The most basic way to keep your computer safe and protected is to require users to enter a password before being able to access your account.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to password-protect your computer.

Note: The examples in this tutorial use the Windows operating system. Mac users can learn how to change/reset passwords here.

How To Password-Protect Your Computer

To add/change a password to your computer, click on the ‘Start’ button (the Windows icon located on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen) …

Choose ‘Control Panel’ …

In the ‘Control Panel’ screen, select ‘User Accounts’ …

Click on ‘Change your Windows password’ …

Click on ‘Change your password’ …

Enter the information in the ‘Change your password’ fields, including a password hint to help you remember your password. Note that the password is case sensitive. When finished, click on ‘Change password’ to update your settings …

Your computer password has now been changed.

Your Computer Password – Additional Notes

To learn how to reset your Windows Password or create a Password reset Disk, visit the Windows Support site below:

Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you gain a better understanding of how password-protecting your computer can contribute to improving your overall web security.


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