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Instant Azon – WordPress Plugin For Amazon Affiliates

Instant Azon – WordPress Plugin For Amazon Affiliates

Recently, we posted a detailed tutorial on how to turn your WordPress site into an Amazon affiliate store.

If you don’t want to turn your entire site into an Amazon store but you would like to display Amazon products inside a specific page or post, or feature products from Amazon in your sidebar, then here is a WordPress plugin that you may want to look at …

Instant Azon

(Instant Azon – Amazon Affiliate Plugin For WordPress)

Instant Azon is a WordPress plugin that lets you add Amazon products to your WordPress posts and pages.

Simply install and configure the plugin settings …

(Install and configure Instant Azon settings)

After configuring your settings, the plugin generates a code for your sidebar widget and a shortcode for your web pages …

(The plugin generates codes for your sidebar widget and pages)

Copy and paste the code into a Text widget to display Amazon products on your sidebar …

(Display Amazon products on your sidebar)

Create a new page (or edit an existing post or page) and paste the shortcode into your content where you would like to display products from Amazon …

(Display Amazon products in your posts and pages)

Save and publish, then preview your content to see a list of Amazon products featured on your page, post, and/or sidebar …

(Earn multiple income streams promoting Amazon products on your site)

With Instant Azon, you can add multiple streams of affiliate income from Amazon to your WordPress site in minutes.

The plugin lets you specify product categories, keywords, adjust the number of rows and columns to display inside the product table, customize design elements, and more.

Learn more: Instant Azon

For a WordPress plugin that will let you build a complete affiliate store with unlimited products from Amazon, see this tutorial:


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