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How To Create A WordPress MySQL Database

This tutorial is part of our WordPress Management tutorial series. In this tutorial, we show you how to create a MySQL database for WordPress using cPanel’s MySQL Database Wizard.


How To Create A WordPress MySQL Database

If you are performing a manual WordPress installation or adding a new application to your website that requires data to be stored in its own MySQL database, then follow the tutorial below to learn how to create a new MySQL database using cPanel.

To learn more about using cPanel, go here:

How To Create A MySQL Database

Log into your cPanel administration area …

Scroll down to the ‘Databases’ section of your cPanel administration area and click on MySQL Database Wizard …

Create a database name and click ‘Next Step’ …

Note: In the above screenshot example, the prefix “wrdpress” is the domain username and “demo” is the database name. Your configuration will show a different domain username prefix.

Copy the entire ‘prefix_databasename’ string into a plain text file. You will need it later on during the installation process.

Next, create a username, and enter and verify a password (aim for a score of very strong – use the password generator if you need to), then click ‘Create User’ …

In the above screenshot example, the username is “demo1”.

In the next screen, do the following:

Congratulations! You have successfully created a MySQL database …

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