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Designrr – eBook Creation Software

Designrr – eBook Creation Software

Are you looking for a tool that lets you easily repurpose you website content by turning it into a PDF book or special report that you can then use to drive traffic, increase leads, or even sell online?

If so, then here is a time-saving online tool that lets you easily convert your WordPress posts and pages into PDF ebooks and reports …


(Designrr – Create eBooks and PDF reports)

Designrr allows you to easily create PDF eBooks in 90 seconds by simply copying and pasting a webpage URL.

All you need to do to create a PDF eBook or report is copy and paste a URL from a website or blog …

(Step 1 – Copy and paste a URL)

Select a template (templates are completely customizable – change anything you like: images, fonts, styles, etc …

(Step 2 – Select a template)

Customize your design to suit your needs (e.g. add images, change headers and footers, add a call to action, etc.) …

(Step 3 – Adjust your design)

Save and publish …

(Step 4 – Save and publish)

You can use this tool to create ebooks or reports that will help drive traffic from Slideshare and other PDF sites, create a lead magnet to increase leads, repurpose your content, and monetize your content.

Designrr saves you time and money creating PDF ebooks and reports from webpages by providing a designer tool with ready-made templates, images and graphics. With the PRO version, you can also import multiple posts (maximum 3 on standard license).

You’re not limited to creating PDF reports from WordPress. You can also create ebooks using URLs from other types of websites. If you don’t have a webpage you can also paste in content from sources like Microsoft Word …

(Create an eBook from your website or from a Word file)

Designrr offers a 30 day money back guarantee and gives you lifetime access to the software platform, including access to unlimited copyright free images, over 700 Google fonts, 12 project templates and 21 customizable themes …

(Customize your publications)

For more information about this online tool, go here: Designrr


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