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Fresh Title Headline Generator

It’s a well-known fact that headlines are the most important part of any content marketing strategy.

Getting your headlines right is so important that we devote a significant amount of space and attention to creating eye-catching post titles in our free email training series on content creation. If you would like to learn how to come up with endless fresh content, blog post titles, etc. for your site, go here:

Generate Powerful Headlines For Your  Web Content

Just by replacing your headline, you can actually increase your conversions by 30% – 400% in areas like:

This can could mean many thousands of dollars more in sales of products or services … simply because of a few words.

(Changing a few words in your headline can significantly increase your conversions)

Conversely, if you are not split-testing your headlines (or using proven headlines in your marketing), you could be losing a lot of money.

The Importance Of Using Powerful Content Headlines

Think about this …

The difficulty with split-testing headlines (or any element of your content) is that you need a great deal of traffic to arrive at statistically significant results. Typically, many corporations spend thousands of dollars per month on copywriting and data analysis.

Fortunately, there are now smart tools that can save you time and money on what was once an extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

FreshTitle – Headline Builder

(FreshTitle Headline Builder)

Product Description

FreshTitle is a one-click software tool for PC and Mac users that lets you instantly generate hundreds of engaging post titles and headlines for your web content in seconds.

With this tool, you simply enter any topic you want (e.g. home schooling, long distance dating, growing vegetables, etc.) and Fresh Title’s built-in method instantly provides you with over 800 pre-optimized and proven-to-convert headlines that you can then copy and paste into your web content.

(FreshTitle - Get Instant Access To Thousands Of Eye-Catching Blog Titles)

In addition to typing in niche keywords into the software, you can answer a few simple questions and Fresh Title will generate you an additional 125 detailed and more finely optimized titles that are also proven to convert.

For more details go here: FreshTitle


Below are just some of the many benefits and advantages of using Fresh Title to instantly generate hundreds of highly responsive headlines & post titles for your web content on your site:

Never Run Out Of Great Headline Ideas

FreshTitle gives you immediate access to thousands of proven headlinesfor any content you want.

You can use this tool to generate new ideas for blog post titles, Facebook ad headlines, forum post titles, e-book headlines, etc.

Save Time And Money On Copywriters And Data Experts

With Fresh Title, you can pump out hundreds of proven post titles for all types of content in seconds and save thousands of dollars on hiring copywriters, data analysts, and web marketing experts.

Some of the uses of this software include:

(FreshTitle can be used with many popular marketing services)

Additional software benefits include the following:

Software Features

Fresh Title includes a number of very powerful built-in tools:

Title Builder

(FreshTitle – Title Builder)

Swipe Database

(Swipe Database)

FreshTitle includes a massive swipe bank tool that includes over 350,000 proven headlines and over 70,000 email headlines that are also proven to convert, so you’ll never be short of ideas for headlines or emails.

News Headlines

(News Headlines)

FreshTitle gives you the most popular headlines from Google and Bing in real time, allowing you to spy on your competitors’ high-converting headlines.

My Titles Tool

(FreshTitle – My Titles Tool)

The software also includes a built-in personal database tool where you can store your favorite headlines. You can transfer titles from the other tools to your personal tool and modify the titles to suit your needs.

Additionally, the tool comes with a built-in thesaurus, allowing you to further customize the content, plus a function for storing notes (e.g. marketing campaign results), a feature for rating your items and a counter that lets you see which headline items you most frequently use …

(FreshTitle – Thesaurus)

User Testimonials

Here are a couple of the testimonials software customers have written about the Fresh Title software:

”I just love this app. It’s a godsend since I need this for everything, and it’ll save me SO much money split testing useless titles. G-R-E-A-T Job!” Dennis


“You’ve done an amazing job with this, congratulations … it’s awesome!” T.R.Goodman

FreshTitle Headline Builder And Title Analyzer Software Bundle

Dave Guindon, Fresh Title’s developer will occasionally bundle the headline building tool with another powerful tool called Title Analyzer as a bonus …

(Title Analyzer)

Title Analyzer is a breakthrough title analysis tool that can tell you which headline is likely to convert better.

TitleAnalyzer uses four separate methods to work out the performance of your titles …

(Know which title will drive more clicks, web traffic, and shares!)

Title Analyzer allows you to compare and calculate performance scores for as many headlines as you like without requiring an internet connection to do all of the processing work …

(Enter as many headlines as you want)

The tool’s internal algorithm accesses 1,800+ power words to calculate the performance score of your titles …

(TitleAnalyzer includes a large database of power words used to score your headlines)

TitleAnalyzer not only scores your headlines, it also suggests ways to improve your headlines …

(TitleAnalyzer provides suggestions on ways to further improve your headlines)

The software also includes a built-in editor that lets you quickly optimize your titles using color-coded data and a built-in thesaurus linked to the power words database …

(Easily find the best power words for your headlines)


FreshTitle is well-supported and runs on both Mac and PC computers. You will get lifetime access to the software and a risk-free, thirty day, full refund guarantee.

Software Price

FreshTitle Headline Generator normally retails for a single purchase fee of $97. You are allowed to install the product on up to 3 computers (PC and Mac|Mac and PC). The purchase price includes free minor version updates and discounts on future major version releases. Major version updates may require an additional fee.

Please Note: The cost to purchase the product can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. The price shown here may not be the actual pricing charged by the software author when you visit the website and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after you’ve purchased. Also, keep in mind that the software tools mentioned above may not be offered as a bundle when you visit the website.

When we first reviewed the above product, a special introductory offer was available, which may or may not still be in effect. Check the tool’s website for current pricing details: FreshTitle – Headline Generator

Additional Product Info

For ”how-to” videos showing tool usage, including help documentation and tutorials, FAQs, customer helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the Fresh Title website.

We Highly Recommend This

As the product’s demo video on the website shows, the software has been used to test hundreds of thousands of proven headlines and predict which headlines will convert better. These tools not only provides you with over 830 optimized headlines that you can use in your marketing, a swipe bank that includes almost 420,000 titles and email subject lines, and a suite of additional analysis tools, but you will also save yourself thousands of dollars on copywriters, split-testers and data analysts.

This is definitely a tool that we recommend you consider purchasing if you would like to get better traffic, more clicks, and sales conversions.

For more details, visit the tool website here: FreshTitle – Headline Generator


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