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How To Make WordPress Posts Sticky

If you frequent an online forum, then you are probably already familiar with the concept of featured posts.

With a sticky forum post, the item does not get replaced by more recent entries while older threads appear lower down the thread.

Like forums, WordPress also lets you ‘pin’ important blog posts to the top of your blog page while the newer posts show below the pinned item and older posts get pushed further down your page.

This tutorial explains how to create sticky posts.

Before going through this article, you should already be familiar with basic features of WordPress like:

Featuring WordPress Posts

In WordPress, posts display at the top of your blog post page in reverse chronological order …

(Most recent posts appear at the top of the blog posts summary page and older entries get pushed further down the page)

Depending on how many posts your site is configured to display on your blog page, latest posts get added to the top of your blog posts summary page and older entries get pushed down the blog page.

You can set some of your posts as Sticky if you want them to display above all other posts. Sticky posts will remain pinned at the top of your blog post page until you uncheck the ‘Sticky’ option on the Edit screen for that particular post.

Here’s how to make a blog post sticky:

Log into your WordPress site, then go to the navigation menu and choose select Posts > All Posts

(Posts Menu – All Posts)

This brings up the Posts screen, which displays all your WordPress posts …

(Table Of Posts)

Here you have two methods to make posts sticky. Let’s take a look at these:

Sticky Posts - Quick Edit Method

Find the post item you want to edit, then hover your mouse over the post title to view the options menu and click on Quick Edit

(’Quick Edit’ feature)

The Quick Edit inline editor displays several options. Find Make this post sticky

(Quick Edit - Make this post sticky option)

Tick the Make this post sticky checkbox …

(’Make post sticky’ checkbox – Quick Edit section)

Click Update to save your new changes …

(Quick Edit – ’Update’ button)

Featured Posts - Post Edit Method

If you are adding a new blog post or editing your post content, you can make the post sticky by clicking on Publish > Visibility: Public > Edit

(Publish box – Visibility settings)

Select ‘Stick this post to the front page’ then click OK, and update your settings …

(Post publish box)

Your blog post will now be changed to “Sticky” …

(Sticky Post status)

Visitors will see the sticky post at the very top of the blog post page, followed by other recent posts …

(Sticky posts appear at the top of your blog page and all other entries are pushed down the page)

Depending on your active WordPress theme, your sticky post can also stand out from other posts.

For example, your sticky post can have a distinct label and highlight color …

(Featured posts can stand out from regular posts)

Here’s the same sticky post using another WordPress theme …

(Sticky posts can stand out from regular posts)

Your post will stay sticky for as long as you like.

How To Unstick Blog Post Items

Unsticking a post in WordPress is as simple as reversing the process used to make posts sticky.

To unstick a post, navigate to the Posts > All Posts and click on the ‘Sticky’ link on the Posts menu to display all posts assigned a sticky status …

(Table of Posts – Sticky menu)

Click on the ‘Quick Edit’ link …

(Click on the ‘Quick Edit’ link)

Deselect ’Make this post sticky’ and click the ‘Update’ button …

(Deselect the box to unstick the post)

Alternatively, when editing content in an existing post, you can unstick your post by going to Publish > Visibility: Public > Edit

(Publish post box – Visibility > Edit)

Unselect ‘Stick this post to the front page’ then click OK and remember to update your settings when finished …

(Publishing box)

Your post is no longer sticky and will behave like all of your other posts.

Congratulations! Now you know how to make posts stick.


"This is an awesome training series. I have a pretty good understanding of WordPress already, but this is helping me to move somewhere from intermediate to advanced user!" - Kim Lednum