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Page Break Block

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks – Page Break

This tutorial is part of our WordPress Gutenberg: The Ultimate Guide For Non-Technical WordPress Users series.


Page Break Block Description

The Page Break Block lets you split your content into smaller sections with multiple pages.

(Add page breaks to WordPress using the Page Break Block)

How To Use The Page Break Block

To add a Page Break Block:

Let’s go through the above steps:

First, create a new post or page or open an existing post or page and either:

Click on the ‘Add Block’ tool and select a ‘Page Break’ block …

(‘Add Block’ Tool – Add Page Break Block)

Or, select a Page Break Block in the Content Area

(Add a Page Break Block from the Content Area)

WordPress will automatically break your content into sections where the Page Break Block has been inserted and add pagination to each section, allowing users to continue reading your content on the next page, or navigate back to the previous section …

(Add page breaks to split pages into smaller sections)


Remember to update and publish your post or page to save your settings.

How To Remove A Page Break Block

To delete or remove a page-break block:

(Remove a Page Break Block)

Page Break Block Tools, Options & Settings

The Page Break Block includes:

Page Break Block Editor

(Page Break Block Editor)

The Page Break Block Editor displays:

Page Break Block Settings

(Page Break Block Settings)

The Page Break Block settings section includes only a description of the block. There are no options or settings for this block.

Page Break Block – Additional Info


Congratulations! Now you know how to use the WordPress Gutenberg content editor Page Break Block.


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