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How To Log Into WordPress

New to WordPress? This basic tutorial for WP newbies shows you how to log into your WordPress site.

How To Log Into WordPress – Quick Tutorial

If you are a new website administrator, things can sometimes be a little confusing.

If your website is created using the WordPress CMS platform, then one of the main things you need to learn is how to log into your WordPress control dashboard, as all of your website’s management is run from this section.

The first step is to locate your login username and password. You should have received your login details during the WordPress installation process or from your site administrator or website developer.

Depending on the theme used on your website or blog, you may be able to log in directly from your front page.

Look for a hyperlink that says “Site Admin” or “Admin-Login”. On some websites, the login link can be found in the Meta section of the website’s sidebar menu

If this link is visible on your front page, all you have to do is click on it …

You will be taken to the WordPress login page. Enter your username and password, and then click on the Log In button to access your WordPress Administration …

Note: The WP “login” link may not be visible in many themes. If you cannot find your WordPress login link on your website, then you will need to type your WordPress admin login URL into your web browser.

The default WordPress admin login URL typically looks like this (replace ‘yourdomain’ with your actual domain):

Note: If the WordPress login page does not display when you type in one of the above URLs into your browser:

If you can access the WordPress login section but it’s not letting you log in, then:

Also, keep in mind that sometimes while working on your site you will notice that if you leave your browser window open for a long period of time, your WordPress session will expire and you will be asked to login again …

(Expired WordPress sessions require logging in again!)

Thanks to built-in WordPress features like autosave, you can just log in again and pick up from where you left off.

If You Cannot Log Into Your WordPress Site …

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and you still cannot see the WordPress login section, then you may have an issue that needs to be looked into further.

If you suspect that the reason why you cannot log into your WordPress site has to do with the password being incorrect, then refer to the tutorial below:

If you suspect that the issue has to do with a technical issue, then see the troubleshooting tutorials here:

If you need help finding a professional web service provider, visit the site below:


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