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WordPress Plugins Explained

One of the main benefits of building an online presence with WordPress is that you can quickly expand your WordPress website’s functionality using applications called plugins.

About WordPress Plugins

No doubt, you probably own a mobile phone. What happens when you want to access something new on your phone like a new game or a business tool?

You download and install an app!

An app is a little software that is really easy to install and instantly integrates new functionality into your mobile device.

(Just as there are social sharing apps for mobile devices …)

A plugin is really similar to an app. You simply download and install a little software application that adds new functionality to your website or blog …

(… there are also social sharing plugins for WP users!)

Normally, if you decide to expand the functionality of your website, additional cost is involved. Depending on how complex the features or enhancements are, this could become fairly expensive, especially if it involves website development.

This is also applicable when setting up a web site. Business owners sometimes invest in extra features they probably will never need.

For this reason, we suggest a cost-effective strategy to setting up a web site and WP plugins are ideal for doing this.

Imagine if you could:

1) Start simply with minimal cost involved. Get a professional-looking web site up and running fast, then …

2) As the need arises, simply install new software modules with only a couple of clicks of the mouse directly from your dashboard panel, to give your website a whole new range of practical capabilities, and also …

3) Cost not a single dollar extra to install on your site?

Well, this is just what a WordPress plugin enables you to do!

WP Plugins – Benefits & Advantages

We started this article by comparing WordPress plugins with apps. In a similar way that some apps are free to download and some apps may cost a little bit of money, the same applies to plugins.

In fact, thousands of plugins can be downloaded to your website for free.

Plugins that cost money are called “Premium” plugins. The good news, is that when compared to the cost of investing in web development services to get the same functionality on your site, most Premium (i.e. ”paid”) plugins cost very little.

Also, as WordPress distributes its software as an Open Source application, anybody can create, edit and customize any portion of the code. This has enabled many third-party software development companies to enhance and contribute to the WPsoftware.

Plugins – Powerful, Flexible … And (Many Are) Completely FREE!

Like themes, loads of great plugins are available for WordPress users … and many of these great plugins are 100% FREE!

You can download thousands of WordPress plugins from the Free WordPress Plugin Directory

As mentioned earlier, you can find WP plugins that will do almost everything you can think of.

There are WordPress plugins for:

You can enhance your website with plugins like the following:

As you can clearly see, WP plugins give you endless possibilities. If you are planning to build a web site, or your existing web site was not built with WordPress, then consider using WordPress in the future.

If you’re still wondering about the power and flexibility of using plugins, let’s take a look at how you can benefit by adding a plugin to your site.

For example, if you want to publish content which is only accessible to some users, you can use plugins to make an area of your post or page inaccessible, or create a professional membership site with customized login details for every user …

As mentioned previously, you can use free plugins to improve your site in so many different ways. From adding features that enhance your business, your visitors’ experience and your understanding of what is happening on your site …

To increasing your site’s visibility across social media and search engines …

You can also add complex functionality to your site using inexpensive paid WordPress plugins. For example, you can buy plugins that integrate and automate functions on your website such as managing customer testimonials and event registration details …

And also set up a custom-branded bookings and reservations system on your site … all for a small fraction of the cost of paying software developers to create similar applications for you …

You can also take advantage of built-in WP commenting features and plugins that will allow you to engage in various ways with web visitors, customers and registered site users …

For example, your visitors can:

You can even integrate sophisticated enterprise solutions within a WordPress “front end”. This lets you manage the content that your visitors see on your website, while your third-party application handles the technical side of things …

Some Useful Information About Plugins

As you can see, plugins are an integral part of WordPress and contribute to making it the most popular content management solution available. Plugins also provide WordPress users with an easy, simple and inexpensive way to expand quickly without spending thousands of dollars on web developers.

One last thing regarding WordPress plugins:

If there is a feature or functionality you want for your website, you can guarantee that a someone has probably already authored one that will do exactly what you need, and that it will either be available at no cost, or if it’s a paid plugin, that it will be fairly affordable.

(Whatever you need done, there’s a WordPress plugin for that!)

And, if by any chance such a plugin is not available, then it can probably be coded for your business for a reasonable price.

Hopefully, this post has given you a better understanding of WordPress plugins – what plugins are and how they can significantly improve your website. See our published posts to learn about more useful WordPress plugins that we recommend using.


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