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How To Change Post Authors In WordPress

Changing Post Authors

Situations could arise where you may need to reassign the author assigned to one or more of your WordPress posts.

For example:

Complete the step-by-step tutorials below to learn about the different ways to edit an author in WordPress.

Attributing WordPress Posts To Other Authors – Tutorial

A user usually gets assigned the role of ‘author’ in WordPress via the Users screen (Users > Add New) …

(WordPress – Users panel)

When the user logs into the site and creates a post, the post creator is then attributed authorship of the post …

(Published posts are normally assigned authorship to the user that created it)!

We cover how to add new authors to WordPress in another tutorial.

In this tutorial, we explain how to change authors in WordPress posts using the following methods:

Let’s go through these methods.

Method #1 – Change The Display Name On Posts That You Have Created

Let’s say that you decide to edit the name being displayed on all the posts created by you to a different name.

The reason for this could be because:

So, for example, let’s say that all of your posts look like this …

(WP Posts section – Post Author)

But you would like the name changed to this …

(Posts – Post Author)

Or maybe even this …

(Posts section – Post Author)

To change the author name displayed on all of your own posts to something else, all you have to do is change your nickname (public display name) in your User Profile section. (Note: this changes the name displayed all of your posts)

You can get to your Profile screen a number of ways:

#1 – Log into your Admin area and click on Users > All Users

(WordPress Users Menu – All Users)

Hover over your user profile and click Edit

(Users screen – Username > Edit link)

#2 – Log into your WordPress Admin dashboard and click on Users > Your Profile

(Users – Your Profile)

#3 – You can also go to the ‘Howdy, Your Site Name’ tab on the top right-hand corner of your dashboard toolbar and click on Edit My Profile 

(WP admin toolbar – Edit My Profile)

Using any of the methods shown above will bring up the Profile screen …

(Profile panel)

Type in a new Nickname (1) and (2) select the new nickname you’ve just created from the drop-down menu in the Display name publicly as field …

(User Profile screen – Name section)

Remember to click Update User to save your settings …

(WordPress Profile area – Update User)

Your profile will be updated with your new nickname …

(WordPress Edit Profile panel – User updated confirmation message)

Return to the Table of Posts and you should see all of the posts you have authored are now displayed under your new nickname …

(Table of Posts – Author changed)

Use this method to change the name associated with your posts if you were assigned the username “admin” when your WordPress site was originally installed …

(Edit Profile screen – Name – Username)

To learn more about how to edit your WordPress user profile, go here:

Method #2 – Assign Post Authors To Other Users

If you allow multiple users to publish content on your site, then you can assign posts to different users as follows:

First, make sure that whoever you plan to assign posts to:

(Profile panel: Name settings – Role)

Changing Post Authorship On Multiple Items

In your Posts screen,  locate the author of the posts you plan to make changes to and click on the name …

(Posts screen: Table of Posts – Author column)

This brings up a list of all posts assigned to the author …

(List of posts filtered by Author)

Select all the posts you want to be assigned to a different author from the Posts list, either by ticking the checkbox next to individual post items or clicking the check box on the column header to select all items at once …

(WP Table Of Posts – Selecting Posts)

Choose ‘Edit’ from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu (1) and click the ‘Apply’ button (2) …

(’Bulk Actions’ dropdown menu)

The inline Bulk editor section will show. Locate the Author drop menu …

(Table Of Posts: Bulk Edit feature – Author options)

(1) Select the author you want to assign the posts to from the Author menu, and (2) click the ‘Update’ button to save your settings …

(Changing post authors in bulk)

If you cannot see the user that you want to assign the posts to in the drop-down menu, then check to make sure that you have assigned a user level that is not subscriber.

All the posts you have edited should now display the new post author name …

(New post author)

Changing Individual Post Authorship In WordPress

To change post authorship for a single post, select the item from the Table of Posts and click on Quick Edit

(Click on the ‘Quick Edit’ link)

In the Quick Edit area, select an author from the Author menu and click the ‘Update’ button to update your new settings …

(Quick Edit: Post editing options – Author menu)

The item you have edited should now display the new post author name …

(Table of Posts – Author column)

You can also change post authors while creating or editing posts by scrolling down to the bottom of your Post editor screen and selecting a new post author from the Author box …

(Change post authors in the Post editor screen)

Tip: If the Author box is not displayed below your post editor, then click on ‘Screen Options’ at the top right-hand corner of your “Edit Post” screen …

(Screen Options)

Select Author ….

(Author – Screen Options)

The Author section will now be displayed below your Post editor area …

(‘Author’ drop-down menu)

Method #3 – How To Transfer Posts To Other Users (User Deletion)

If a user is removed from your site, you will be asked what to do with the content owned by the user.

To transfer content from deleted users to other users, select  ‘Attribute all content to:’, choose a new author from the dropdown menu …

(WordPress Users – Delete Users)

Click Confirm Deletion

(Confirm Deletion button)

All post content from a removed user will be attributed to the selected user …

(Users screen)

Congratulations! Now you know how to change WordPress post authors.


"I have used the tutorials to teach all of my clients and it has probably never been so easy for everyone to learn WordPress ... Now I don't need to buy all these very expensive video courses that often don't deliver what they promise." - Stefan Wendt, Internet Marketing Success Group