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How To Use The WordPress Mobile App – Settings

This tutorial shows you how to use the ‘Settings’ section of the WordPress Mobile App.

This tutorial was created using an earlier version of the WordPress Mobile App and may contain outdated information. Please bookmark this page as we will be updating this tutorial soon! To be notified of updates to our content, subscribe to our updates list (see sidebar), or Like our Facebook page.


How To Use The WordPress Mobile App – Settings

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage your WordPress mobile app’s settings.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the WordPress For Android version of the WordPress mobile app. The process explained below is similar for iOS devices (e.g. iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad).

For more information about WordPress For IOS, go here:

WordPress For iOS

You should have already set up your WordPress App. If not, go here.

The WordPress Mobile App – Settings

Tap on your WordPress app icon to log into your account …

Settings for your WordPress App can be accessed by tapping on the Settings menu …

The Settings area is divided into the following sections:


This section displays a list of all WordPress sites and blogs you have added to your WordPress mobile app’s account …

Clicking on a site listing …

Opens up a screen where you can edit your site’s details …

In this screen, you can edit the following settings:

Account Details

Edit your site’s username and login password …

HTTP Credentials

This section is optional. It allows you to enter other forms of authenticating a user’s login credentials …


This section allows you to specify media settings that will affect how images are added to your posts and uploaded to your WordPress site …

You can change the Default Image Width setting to another desired width (Note: You can also tap on an image in the new post editor to set a custom image size there as well) …

Additionally, by selecting checkboxes, you can opt in this section to:


You can geotag your posts by ticking the Geotag Posts box checkbox in this section …

Geotagging your posts lets your readers know where you are posting from. It also allows you to assign a city or town to any post so readers can find posts relevant to certain places more easily. For example, if you write about local events in your city, you can tag them so that others who live nearby can find out what’s going on. If you post photographs of a town you have visited, you can tag them with the name of that town so that people searching for it will be able to more easily find your site.

Remove Blog

If you no longer want or need to have one of your WordPress sites in your mobile app’s account, you can delete its details by clicking on the Remove Blog button at the bottom of the screen …

As well as deleting sites from your mobile WordPress account, you can also add new sites in the Blogs section …

Comment Notifications

The settings in this section affect how your mobile device is notified when new comments are posted on your site …

Enable blogs

Enable or disable comment notifications for all sites in your mobile WordPress account …

Update interval

Tap on Update interval to bring up the Update interval screen. Here you can select the interval you want your mobile app to check for any new comments posted on your WordPress site …

The Comment Notifications settings section also allows you to specify a number of options that will notify you when new comments have been posted on your WordPress site:

Post Signature

In this section, you can add a custom signature that will be added to all new posts published to your WordPress site from your mobile device.

To add a custom signature to new posts, tick the Add a signature to new posts checkbox and tap on the Post signature area …

This brings up the Post signature screen. Type in a custom signature to replace the default app’s signature and tap on OK to save …

Your custom signature will be added to all new posts published from your mobile device …


This section displays important information about your WordPress mobile application …

You can view information about your WordPress App, such as the version number, terms of service, privacy policy, and the App developer …

You can also read information about the application’s Open Source license …

Congratulations! Now you know how to use the WordPress Mobile App’s ‘Settings’ section.

This concludes the tutorial series on using the WordPress Mobile App. To review the other tutorials in this series, click on the links below.

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