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Columns Block

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks – Columns

This tutorial is part of our WordPress Gutenberg: The Ultimate Guide For Non-Technical WordPress Users series.


Columns Block Description

Use the Columns Block to add columns to WordPress and insert text-based content into your columns.

(Add Columns to WordPress using the Columns Block)

The Columns Block:

How To Use The Columns Block

To add a Columns Block:

Let’s go through the above steps:

First, create a new post or page or open an existing post or page and either:

Click on the ‘Add Block’ tool and select a ‘Columns’ block …

(‘Add Block’ Tool – Add Columns Block)

Or, select a Columns Block in the Content Area

(Add a Columns Block from the Content Area)

After adding a Columns Block:

Let’s go through the above steps:

Click inside the Columns Block and select a column, then begin typing or paste in your content …

(Add content to columns)

Repeat this process with your next column. Use the Paragraph Block editor tools to format or align your content

(Add content to columns)

If adding too many columns makes the content on your post or page too narrow, consider duplicating the Columns Block.

To duplicate the Columns Block:

(Add content to columns)

After adding content to your columns:

How To Edit A Columns Block

Adding a Columns Block essentially creates a container for your columns, with a Paragraph Block added inside each column. Editing the content inside a column, then, is the same as editing content inside a Paragraph Block …

(Editing content inside a Columns Block)

You can also edit the Columns Block.

To edit a Columns Block:

Here is an example of editing the column width display using the Columns Block Editor …

(Columns Block Editor)

To change the number of columns use the slider in the Columns Block Settings  …

(Edit a Columns Block)

Remember to update and publish your post or page to save your settings.

How To Remove A Columns Block

To delete or remove a columns block:

(Remove a Columns Block)

Additionally …

Columns Block Tools, Options & Settings

The Columns Block includes tools, options, and settings for:

Columns Block Editor

(Columns Block Editor)

The Columns Block Editor includes tools that let you perform the following operations:

(Columns Block Editor)

Columns Block Settings

(Columns Block Settings)

Columns Block settings include:

(Columns Block Settings)

Columns Block – Additional Info

You can’t convert a Columns Block into another block type, but you can convert the Paragraph Block inside each column to the following block types:

(Change Block Type – Paragraph Block inside Columns Block)


Installing plugins or themes on your site may add new functionality, options, or settings to Columns Blocks.


Congratulations! Now you know how to use the WordPress Gutenberg content editor Columns Block.


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