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Compliance Bar – Legal Web Compliance Plugin For WordPress

One of the worst predicaments you can find yourself in as a website owner is to receive a notice of legal action as a result of having broken a law or regulation.

Your website or blog needs to comply with various federal, state and even local laws and regulatory guidelines, many of which you may not be aware of.

Being non-compliant puts you at risk of suffering significant financial losses and the cost to your reputation. Why risk your money and your business reputation, when you can protect yourself so inexpensively?

In this post, we look at a simple and easy-to-use solution for WordPress users that can help make your site compliant in minutes.

Does Your Website Comply With All Legal Requirements?

As the digital realm continues growing at an extraordinary rate and the rules of the game constantly change, it’s vitally important to stay informed about what’s happening and to make sure that your site remains compliant with all laws and regulations, especially if your digital presence is an integral aspect of your overall business strategy.

Without legal pages on your website (e.g. terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, financial disclaimers, etc.), many sites such as Google won’t let you advertise, digital marketplaces like ClickBank won’t allow you to list your digital products for sale, PayPal may close down your account and freeze your funds, Facebook and other social networks could suspend your apps, and you will not be accepted into a number of advertising or affiliate merchant networks.

Plus, you may also be inadvertently leaving yourself open and vulnerable to litigation.

At the very least, if your website is not in compliance, it may impact on your visitors trust and confidence about doing any future business with you.

(In addition to legal and regulatory compliance, almost all third-party websites require you to comply with their terms of use!)

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not lawyers and we offer no legal advice in this article.

The purpose of this post is to make you aware that:

  1. Your website may be subject to a number of legal requirements in accordance with compulsory laws and regulations that govern your business,
  2. The importance of being compliant with the terms of service of third-party providers whose products or services you may be promoting or using on your website, and
  3. There are solutions that can help your business become compliant, such as the solution that we review below.

If you suspect that your website is lacking in areas of compliance, here is a simple WordPress plugin you should know more about.

Let’s Review …

Compliance Bar Plugin – Website Compliance Plugin For WordPress

Plugin Description

Compliance Bar Plugin is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for WordPress-powered websites containing over twenty customizable compliance page templates for your web presence …

Go here to learn more about the plugin: Compliance Bar

Compliance Bar Plugin Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Compliance Bar Plugin to instantly make your website legally compliant:

Ready To Use In Minutes

Compliance Bar is very easy to install. Simply upload a zip folder that contains the plugin to your Plugin folder via your WordPress dashboard and activate.

Editable Templates

Easily edit the default legal page templates inside the plugin from the settings menu using the visual content editor.

24/7 Plugin Support

Compliance Bar provides dedicated plugin support to assist users if they experience any difficulties.

Some additional benefits include:

Plugin Features

Compliance Bar Plugin offers many features to web site owners. Below we have listed just some:

Plugin Features – Details

After installing and activating the Compliance Bar plugin, a section where the plugin’s settings can be configured gets added to your WP admin area.

Let’s briefly review these …

User Profile

There are a number of default fields in this section where you can input your information into input (e.g. “Contact Name,” “Support Desk URL,” “Location Details,” “Refund Period,” etc.). Not all categories are required, but some are (e.g. “Contact Name,” “Registered Company Address,” etc.)

(Compliance Bar User Profile Screen – Image source: plugin documentation)

The plugin uses shortcodes to automatically populate and display the information entered into your User Profile into your legal templates …

(Compliance Bar User Profile Screen: Shortcodes – Screenshot source: plugin documentation)

Once the minimum required (i.e. compulsory) information has been entered into the profile fields, you can then access the other plugin section.

Compliance Pages

The “Compliance Pages” section includes a list of all of the pages …

(Compliance Bar Plugin: Legal Templates – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

Below is the full list of legal templates made available by the plugin when we last checked their website:

You can create legal pages for your site quite easily by simply selecting checkboxes and clicking the “Save” button in the “Compliance Pages” area …

(Compliance Bar Plugin: Legal Page Templates – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

Your legal pages will then be created and added to your “Pages” section.

Compliance Bar Icons

The plugin is installed with a built-in set of icons for referencing your legal pages …

Icons are customizable. You can purchase an additional set of icons from the plugin developer, or create/upload your own to match the style of your site’s design …

(Compliance Bar: Compliance Page Icons – Image source: plugin documentation)

Edit / Delete Legal Page Templates

You can edit and delete your legal disclaimers from the “Compliance Pages” tab, just as you would any other page in WordPress …

(Compliance Bar Plugin: Edit Compliance Pages – Screenshot source: plugin documentation)


Compliance Bar

The plugin settings area provides many options to customize the Compliance Bar, including where to position the bar, whether to display links or icon images, background colors and images, image size, specifying which pages should be included in the Compliance Bar, whether or not to display the Compliance bar on your home page, which pages the Compliance Bar will display in, mobile settings, and offset distance …

(Compliance Bar Section: Create Bar – Image source: plugin documentation)


Once you have configured your Compliance Bar settings, it will display links to your compliance pages through dynamic icon bar on your site …

You have full control over the location on your pages where you would like to display the compliance icons …


If your site includes content that may be restricted to certain age groups (e.g. content related to alcohol, ecigs, adult, etc.), the plugin can display popups that restricts access to users who do not accept your website’s terms or disclaimers.

The “Create Pop Up” page gives you full control over the settings and customization of your pop ups …

(Pop Ups Section: Create Pop Up – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

You can create more than one Pop Up for different pages, or to cover different uses throughout your site …

You can also specify a delay time if you don’t want the Pop Ups to display immediately, set a cookie duration to prevent Pop Ups from appearing again within a specific time interval, and capture the IP addresses of visitors who accept your terms and disclaimers for future reference …

(Pop Ups Screen: IP Log Details – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

EU Cookies

If your business is based in Europe or display your content to EU visitors, you need to be aware of EU compliance requirements …

Compliance Bar lets you manage the settings for compliance with EU Cookies requirements, including the wording of your notification message and link text in the “EU Cookies” screen …

(EU Cookies Screen: Manage Settings – Image source: plugin documentation)

Compliance Bar has a non-intrusive way of notifying your visitors and covering you from non-compliance.

Page Templates

The “Page Templates” tab, lists all of your legal page templates and shortcodes, and lets you edit their content …

General Settings

The “General Settings” area, gives you access to general information, such as promoting and sharing the plugin and receiving plugin update notifications …

User Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials and feedback plugin customers have written about Compliance Bar:

”When I got my hands on Compliance Bar, I knew I needed help to be compliant, but I had no idea how much danger I was in, nor did I know all of the different things I needed to be compliant. Once I installed Compliance Bar, I was able to very quickly add all the items I needed to ensure I didn’t end up getting fined by various agencies, or have my site pulled from Google. The best part is that getting it all set up took only minutes, and I know that I am far safer than I was. Compliance Bar is one of the best plugins I have used in a long time.” Ray Lane – (The Video Guy)


”If you are like me, you maybe have quite a few WordPress sites, all needing attention and most importantly, all needing to be on the right side of the law! I’ve tried several legal pages plugins and in pretty much every case, they let me down. They simply cause more work than they solve.To me, the answer should be simple. It should work and it should let me get on with building my site. After all, I know I NEED to do this stuff, but hey, I don’t really WANT to! So, for me, I don’t want those plugins that cause more work than they solve. Simple eh? Well now it is because Anton & John have just created this baby that is the answer to my needs. The Compliance Bar Plugin does what I need it to do then lets me get on with my empire building…Perfect!” Tony Grant (Portfolio Sports)

Compliance Bar Plugin Tips

Below are a few additional ways you can use Compliance Bar:


Plugin Developers provide users with a dedicated support team to assist you. Plugin users also have access to a complete library of training videos.

Additionally, your purchase is backed by a risk-free, thirty day, 200% refund guarantee. If your copy of Compliance Bar does not work within 30 days of purchase and it cannot be fixed within 48 business hours (Monday to Friday), your purchase price will be refunded in double.

Software Price

Please Note: Current pricing for the Compliance Bar plugin depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. The price shown above was current at the time this article was written. This may or may not be the actual price set by the software developer when you visit the website and there may be additional upsells or one-time offers after purchasing.

Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details: Compliance Bar – WordPress Plugin For Website Compliance

Additional Plugin Information

Legal Page Templates Approved By Lawyers – The plugin developers state on their website that all legal templates have been reviewed and approved by lawyers. Nonetheless, we highly recommend that you get advice from a qualified legal expert in your area to ensure that your site is fully compliant.

For a demo video of the plugin, including installation instructions and tutorials, FAQs, customer helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the Compliance Bar website.

We Recommend

Compliance Bar is an easy-to-use, simple and cost-effective solution for WordPress-driven websites. We recommend installing this plugin for WordPress users if you want immediate peace of mind and legal protection.

To learn more, visit the plugin website: Compliance Bar – Compliance Bar – Compliance Plugin For WordPress

Important: Once again, please note that we are not lawyers and we cannot offer legal advice on this website. Do your own due diligence and consult a legal expert about the best way to ensure that your website is compliant with all legal requirements in your country or region.


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