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Event Espresso – WordPress Event Management Plugin

Do you currently run or plan to run events that need co-ordinating registrations, such as seminars, training courses, not-for-profit fund-raisers, marketing functions, or even a large-scale event such as a concert, a sporting or religious event, or any kind of event where people need to register to attend or participate?

Managing event bookings can be a complex process. You may need to manage event schedules, availability, attendee numbers, data administration, payment processing and sending invoices, confirmations, reminders, cancellations … perhaps even accommodating special requests and delivering tickets to attendees.

There are many advantages to setting up a web-based event registration system. It can streamline your business processes, save time and reduce costs, help you easily duplicate recurring events, give event managers more control, improve customer experience and increase your sales.

The problem is that this can be expensive.

Fortunately, if you own a WordPress-based website or blog, you can easily install an inexpensive and professional online event registration system.

Introducing …

Event Espresso – WordPress Event Registration And Ticket Manager System

Plugin Description

The Event Espresso online event registration WP software lets you easily set up your event and start receiving online bookings in a few minutes.

(Event Espresso lets you set up multiple events and accept online registrations)

Event Espresso is a flexible and feature-rich plugin that gives you complete control of your event registration management process.

Create custom event registration forms

You can employ several event registration strategies, from simple online enrollments and straight up ticket-selling, to creating custom registration forms in order to better understand your event participants, or integrating your event registration forms with social media sites like Facebook.

View detailed information about your event attendees

Note: Currently, Event Espresso supports two different versions of their software: Event Espresso 3 and Event Espresso 4. The new Event Espresso 4 is considerably different than the older EE 3, as the software is being rebuilt using a different structure to allow for future growth and expansion. The EE 4 plugin platform has different features, user interface, data structure, coding method and price. The company plans to eventually migrate completely to Event Espresso 4, so keep this in mind as you read more about this plugin.

Learn more here:


Here are just a few of the benefits and advantages of using Event Espresso to manage event registrations on your web site:

Automated Event Registration Management And Ticketing Solution

Event Espresso provides you with everything you need to turn your existing web site into a feature-rich and professional event management website … from custom registration forms and automated response emails, to maximum seating limits, multiple price levels and discount codes, to printable tickets and seating charts.

Higher Business Productivity

By using a web-based event registration solution like Event Espresso, you save time and improve your business productivity by virtually doing away with the chore of processing registrations and sign-ups manually.

Basically, you are enabling attendees to perform the registration on their own.

Letting your clients to do all of the data entry frees you up from doing admin work and lets you concentrate more energy on creating a more unique event.

Complete Control Over The User Experience

As you will learn shortly, Event Espresso gives you complete control over the event management and booking process that you want your clients to experience.

Additional benefits of the plugin include the following:


Event Espresso delivers functionality to end-users via standard features (these come with the plugin) and additional features that you can buy for an added cost, called add-ons.

Event Espresso provides many features to site owners. Here are just some:

Additional features include:

The premium version of Event Espresso also comes with 40+ additional features, including:


As mentioned previously, Event Espresso provides “addons”, which allow users to further enhance the capabilities of managing an event.

Some of these addons include:

Note: Event Espresso regularly adds new features and improvements to the plugin, including new addons.

For more information about the latest Event Espreso features and addons, visit the plugin website here:

User Testimonials

Here are just some of the many great testimonials that users have posted about Event Espresso:

”Event Espresso is so easy to use yet feature rich and stable. It is a cornerstone of our site and our success.” Fraser Barner, Speaker’s Lab

”I have to say that it has been the right choice for me…I’ve been extremely pleased with the way my site is working.” Robin, RobinTime

“Love the plugin, we only use it once a year for a race we have in February. This saved us tons of time in data entry. In addition, we had more runners register than any other year. We attribute that to the ease of registering online. Thanks for your work.” Ed, Friends of Oscar Scherer Park

Event Espresso Tips

Whether you are a gym owner, trainer, workshop planner, or event professional, there are simply unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve with the Event Espresso software.

After downloading the plugin and becoming a licensed owner, visit the user forum for inspiration and practical ways to streamline your event management process or enhance the experience of your registrants.

Plugin Support

Event Espresso works with with other WordPress plugins and WP themes that follow WordPress coding standards. If you have problems with the plugin, however, you will find that Event Espresso provides great support, as many of its customers attest:

”Your plugin saved our client nearly $9000 in development costs because it handled the majority of the functionality we were looking for at a much lower cost. EventEspresso’s staff have been very responsive to our needs when we have them (which has been rare, because the plugin is so well coded). Great job on a great plugin!” Brandon P., Experience Farm

The plugin provides great support including access to a support forum, comprehensive online documentation with faqs, knowledge base and how tos, custom development support and even a monthly VIP member pass that gives you access to community of developers, designers, event managers, publishers and webmasters that use Event Espresso tools, plus faster support response times.

In addition, Event Espresso boasts an established team of experienced WordPress developers with a solid track record of support, so this is definitely a solution you can count on to run and manage your events.

Product Price

Event Espresso is available in different editions, including a FREE basic edition (referred to as Event Espresso Decaf). For personal support and advanced plugin features, however, you will want to consider using one of the premium plugin editions below:

Current pricing for the Event Espresso plugin can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. When we last checked, the plugin is selling for the amounts shown above. Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details: Event Espresso – Event Management & Registration Plugin For WordPress

Note: The above reflects the pricing at the time this article was written. This may or may not be the actual pricing charged by the plugin author when you visit the website.

Event Espresso – Additional Plugin Info

The Event Espresso development team is continually adding new features and improvements to its plugin. Make sure to register for their newsletter when you visit their site to receive the latest information and updates.

Use the software’s documentation pages to find answers to common questions about setup and how to use Event Espresso, and the support forums if you have questions related to your specific use-case, or to notify developers about problems and share feedback.

For detailed documentation, demos, downloads, videos, tutorials, FAQ and more, visit the Event Espresso product web site.

Our Recommendation

Event Espresso is the leading WordPress event booking and ticketing management plugin, used by thousands of event promoters.

If you are a WordPress user and you intend to run any event that requires scheduling dates, times and venues (offline and online), enrolling attendees, or booking tickets, then you will probably not find a more suitable plugin for your needs than Event Espresso.

For complete details, check out the plugin here: Event Espresso – Event Registration And Ticketing Management


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