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Event Espresso – WordPress Event Management Plugin

Does your business currently run or plan to run events that need handling bookings or registrations, such as seminars, community classes, non-profit fundraisers, social conferences, or even a big event like a trade exhibit, a sporting or religious event, or any kind of event where people need to register to attend or participate?

Co-ordinating event registrations is a time-consuming process. You have to manage calendar schedules, date availability, registration numbers, data processing and storage, payments and invoicing, confirmations, reminders and alerts, refunds and cancellations … perhaps even accommodating special requests and providing tickets to event registrants.

There are lots of advantages to setting up an online event registration system. It can make your business more efficient, save time and lower expenses, help you easily reproduce previous events, give you more control, create a better user experience and increase your sales.

The problem is that setting up an online event booking system can be very expensive.

The good news is that if you own a WordPress-based web site, you can install an inexpensive and professional web-based event registration solution.

Presenting …

Event Espresso – Event Registration And Ticket Manager

Plugin Description

The Event Espresso online event registration WP software lets you easily schedule your event and begin accepting registrations in minutes.

(Event Espresso lets you set up multiple events and receive online event bookings)

Event Espresso is a versatile and feature-rich software that gives you full control of your event registration management process.

Event Espresso lets you customize registration forms

You can employ a number of event registration strategies, from simple online registration and straight up ticket sales, to creating custom registration forms for collecting detailed information about your event participants, or integrating your event bookings with social media sites like Facebook.

Access detailed information about event attendees

Please Note: At the time of writing this article, Event Espresso supports two different versions of their plugin: EE 3 and Event Espresso 4. The new Event Espresso 4 is significantly different than the older EE 3, as it is being revamped using a different structure to enable future expansion. The Event Espresso 4 plugin platform has different features, user interface, data structure, coding method and price. The company plans to eventually phase out EE 3, so keep this in mind as you read more about the benefits and features of using the plugin.

Learn more about the plugin here:

Plugin Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits and advantages of using Event Espresso to manage event registrations on your site:

Hands-Free Event Registration Management

Event Espresso provides you with everything you need to turn your existing website or blog into an automated and fully featured event management site … from custom registration forms and automated emails, to seating capacity limits, multiple pricing levels and discount codes, to printable tickets and seating charts.

Higher Business Productivity

By using an online event registration system like Event Espresso, you save time and increase your business productivity by literally eliminating the need to process registrations manually.

Essentially, you are making it easier for attendees to perform the registration on their own.

Allowing your participants to do the data themselves frees up your time and lets you focus more energy on creating a more enjoyable event.

Full Control Over The User Experience

As you will soon discover, Event Espresso gives you more control over the event management and registration process that you want your clients to experience.

Some additional benefits of the plugin include:


Event Espresso provides functionality to end-users through built-in features (these come with the plugin) and additional features that customers can buy for an additional cost, called add-ons.

Event Espresso offers many built-in to web site owners. Here are just some of these:

Additional features include:

The premium version of Event Espresso also provides you with over 40 additional features, including:

Event Espresso Add-Ons

In addition to an amazing range of features, Event Espresso provides “add-ons”, which allow end-users to further enhance the capabilities of your event management system.

Some of these add ons include:

Note: Event Espresso regularly adds new features and improvements to its plugin, including new addons.

To learn more about the newest Event Espreso features and addons, check out the plugin here:


Here are some of the many great testimonials that satisfied customers have written about Event Espresso:

”I can’t even imagine what I would want the plugin to do that it doesn’t already do. I’m really happy with the features.” Jim Harmer

”I searched long and hard to find something that would serve my needs. This is, by far, the most complete and comprehensive solution I have found.” Bill Hepper, We Teach Live

”At first we looked at CVENT for one of our clients and they wanted $16,000 per year for 3000 event attendees + fees totaling $22k. That is before Staff and Webinar fees. Worst of all we had to prepay the $16k amount even if we never used all 3000 attendees. That was when we looked at Event Espresso and we realized we could build our own event system for less than 16K. For the most part we have been very satisfied with our decision. The real ROI will come next year when they don’t have to pay another 16k-22K! Over the next 5-6 years we should be able to claim that we saved the company over $100,000 – Thanks Event Espresso!” David Waterman (Long Version), KT Benefits & InkItDigital.com

Useful Tips

Whether you are an education services provider, teacher, conference planner, or event management professional, there are just unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve with the Event Espresso software.

After downloading your copy of the plugin and becoming a licensed owner, go through the forums for useful ideas and practical suggestions to improve your event management and registration workflow or enhance the experience of your event customers.

Plugin Support

Event Espresso works with with most WordPress plugins and WP themes that follow WP coding standards. If you experience issues with the plugin, however, you will find that Event Espresso provides highly responsive user support, as so many of its users attest:

“I’m really impressed with not only the application itself but the support. I have rarely seen such a responsive support staff than at EE. They rock…I highly recommend this plugin!” sock2me

Event Espresso provides robust support that includes access to support forums, comprehensive online documentation with faqs, knowledge base and how tos, email support and even a monthly VIP member pass that gives you access to community of developers, designers, event managers, publishers and webmasters that use Event Espresso tools, plus faster support response times.

In addition, Event Espresso boasts a well-staffed team of experienced WordPress web developers with a solid track record of support, so this is definitely a plugin you can count on to manage your events.

Software Price

Event Espresso is available in various plugin editions, including a FREE basic edition (referred to as Event Espresso Decaf). For personal support and advanced plugin functionality, however, you may want to consider downloading one of the premium plugin versions below:

Price details for the Event Espresso plugin depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. Presently, the software is being retailed for the amounts shown above. Check the plugin’s website for the current pricing: Event Espresso – Event Espresso

Please Note: The above reflects the pricing when this article was written. This may or may not be the actual pricing charged by the plugin author when you visit the site.

Additional Plugin Information

Event Espresso regularly adds new features and improvements to its software. Make sure to register for their newsletter when you visit their site to receive the latest information and updates.

Search the software’s online documentation pages to find answers to common questions about setup and how to use Event Espresso, and visit the support forums for questions related to a particular situation, or to report problems and leave feedback.

For detailed installation and support documentation, demos, downloads, videos, tutorials, FAQ and more, visit the Event Espresso web site.

We Recommend

Event Espresso is the leading WP event booking and ticketing manager plugin, used by thousands of WordPress site owners.

If you own a WordPress website and you currently run any event that involves managing dates, times and venues, enrolling attendees, and/or selling seating, then you will probably not find a more suitable solution for your needs than Event Espresso.

To learn more, visit the plugin website here: Event Espresso – WordPress Event Registration & Ticketing Management Plugin