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Power Online Reviews – WordPress Reputation Management Plugin

Do you have a system to manage your online reputation in the web economy?

In this article, we look at a simple WordPress plugin that lets you legally and ethically manage customer reviews.

WordPress Plugin: Editor’s Pick …

Power Online Reviews – Easy User Feedback Management Plugin For WordPress

Plugin Description

Power Online Reviews is a simple to install, easy-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you manage customer reviews, and give your business a revenue boost.

According to a study by eVoc Insights, a company known for researching and measuring user experience, 63% of users indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has ratings and reviews.

Power Online Reviews makes it easier for positive reviewers to add reviews to third-party review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yell.com etc. Negative user experiences are filtered on the website for attention by the business owner.

This simple process can help you create more 3rd-party reviews that are positive and happier customers where the service has fallen down.

According to research by Michael Luca, a professor at The Harvard Business School, “a one-star increase in Yelp ratings leads to a 5-9% increase in business revenue”.

(Source: Yelp Blog)

Power Online Reviews – How It Works

Upon installation and activation, the plugin automatically creates a review form for your site.

Ask visitors to rate your products. (Screenshot sourced from plugin website)

The form is uncomplicated for your customers to fill in. All that is required is their name and email address (phone number is optional). They are then asked to rate your service with a one-click rating feature and submit their feedback.

What Happens When Customers Submit Positive Feedback?

Visitors rate your services or products using a simple 5-star system. (Product screenshot: Power Online Reviews website)

When users submit a good rating, they are then asked to share their review on one or more third-party review sites …

Users who give good feedback are asked to submit a review on a third-party review site. (Screenshot above sourced from Power Online Reviews website)

Clicking on the icon or logo takes your users to the third-party review site where they can then leave a positive review …

The plugin sends users who leave good ratings to your third-party review pages. (Product screenshot: Power Online Reviews )

Bad Customer Rating

Poor ratings can have a serious impact on your business if issues are not addressed immediately. (Source: Power Online Reviews website)

When customers submit bad ratings (e.g. ”2″), they are not sent to third-party review sites.

Instead, the reviews are saved in your website, giving you the opportunity to contact the user giving you a bad name in public.

The plugin stores poor feedback from visitors on your site. (Image: Power Online Reviews website)

For more details, visit the plugin site here: Power Online Reviews


Here are just a few of the benefits and advantages of using Power Online Reviews to manage customer reviews from your site:

Installation Is Easy

Power Online Reviews installs like any plugin. Just upload a zip folder containing the plugin files to your Plugin folder via your administrator account and activate.

Very Simple To Use

As shown in the previous section, the plugin automatically generates a review form on your site upon installation and activation. All that’s required after this is customizing your form settings and you’re good to go.

Early Prevention

Negative feedback can seriously damage your business. Positive feedback can explode revenues.

If, for any reason, your service has fallen below acceptable standards, you want to know about it as soon as possible, so you can rectify the problem before things get worse.

Additional benefits of using the plugin include the following:

Plugin Features

Power Online Reviews offers many features to website owners. Here are just some of these features:

Features For Local Business Users

Your customer feedback is stored centrally in the “Manage Feedbacks” screen. (Image: Power Online Reviews website)

Click on a record to view user feedback. (Screenshot sourced from Power Online Reviews )

Plugin Admin Features

Your review form is fully editable. (Product screenshot sourced from plugin website)

Plugin Tips

The plugin was developed primarily for WordPress users. If you do not have a WordPress site as your main website, you can still benefit from the plugin by installing WordPress and the plugin on a subdomain or subfolder of your domain (e.g. “mydomain.com/feedback”) and adding links to this “feedback” section from your main site.


This plugin was developed and is supported by Tony Marriott, an experienced software developer, and comes with a risk-free, thirty day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Software Cost

Please Note: Current pricing for this product depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. The above reflects the price at the time this article was written. This may or may not be the actual pricing charged by the product author when you visit the plugin website and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after you’ve purchased.

Check the plugin’s website for the latest pricing details here:

Additional Plugin Info

For a demo video showing how the software works, including help documentation and tutorials, FAQs, support helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the Power Online Reviews website.

Get The Plugin

Businesses all over the world are currently ignoring opportunities to create happier customers and retain existing ones because they are not monitoring their online reputations effectively. Power Online Reviews offers a simple solution to manage your online reputation.

For more details, visit the plugin website: Power Online Reviews – Easy User Feedback Management For WordPress



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