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WordPress & Social Media Tools – 2

In Part One of this article, we looked at some of the reasons why WordPress makes an ideal platform for marketing your business on social media.

In this section, we look at a number of tracking tools, services and applications that allow you to:

With this information, you can start meaningful conversations with your audience and pitch them your message.

Let’s move on now to some of the actual tools you can use to monitor social media activity. If you are searching for smarter ways to increase sales with social media, then here are more than 27 free or cost-effective social analytics tools and resources for gaining a better understanding of your audience.

WordPress Tools For Social Media Monitoring

(Discover what people are saying about you, your brand, and your competition on social media)

Is there a simple and easy way to know what is new in your industry or niche that will save you time doing research? Yes, there is, and it’s called …

Google Alerts

(Google Alerts lets you monitor the web for new content)

Google Alerts is one of the easiest and most useful online tools available for keeping up with the latest news and information about all kinds of topics, staying informed about people, brands and companies, and tracking what other people are publishing online about you and your business. Google Alerts is also free.

Google Alerts is not only only a useful tool for helping you manage your reputation online, but also for automatically gathering information about people, brands, companies, and any topic you are interested in.

With Google Alerts, you just subscribe to a keyword or topic and you’re done. Whenever Google’s robots (Googlebot) index a new web site, news update, press release, blog post, a tweet, video, or any other indexable content related to the topic you’ve subscribed to, it will automatically send you an email or RSS update.

We’ve created a simple tutorial on how to set up Google alerts here: A Simple & Easy Tutorial On Setting Up A Google Alert



Hootsuite is a social management application that lets you manage all of your social profiles from a single dashboard.

Hootsuite provides solutions for social media management, social marketing, social selling, and social customer service. You can schedule Tweets and Facebook posts, monitor conversations, quickly create and customize analytics reports, streamline workflows amongst teams, departments, or regions, assign tasks, receive real-time notifications, have internal conversations from the dashboard, and add employees and clients to teams without sharing passwords.

Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management tools (SMMT). It allows you to post to a large number of social networks (including their app directory), and provides integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress and more.

For more details, go here: Hootsuite



Buffer lets you schedule your social content. You add updates to your Buffer queue and Buffer will post the content for you at spaced intervals.

You can schedule updates for a day, week, or month. Scheduling times are preset, but you can change these in your settings. In addition to the web interface, Buffer also provides mobile apps and a browser extension.

To learn more, visit this website: Buffer

Social Metrics

(SocialMetrics WordPress Social Media Analytics Plugin)

SocialMetricsPro is a plugin for WordPress that monitors social activity across many leading social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Digg, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.

Some of the powerful features included in Social Metrics include Excel-like conditional formatting, built-in and external widgets, sort, search and filter data, export data capabilities, 1-click autoupdate functionality, and a simple social search improvement system.

If you want to learn more about SocialMetrics, refer to this article: Social Metrics Pro


(Sociocaster – Social media management for online marketers)

Sociocaster is easy to use and works in any marketing campaign. You can easily schedule messages, engage your audiences, manage your social media networks, and measure ROI from one easy to use dashboard.

Sociocaster includes powerful marketing and social features: a powerful visual designer, social stream, built-in bookmarklet, agency license to manage unlimited social media accounts, and more.

To learn more, go here: Sociocaster



SproutSocial is a premium tool aimed at small to large businesses as well as the enterprise sector.

SproutSocial has a built-in CRM, advanced scheduling tools, social monitoring, support for teams and multiple profiles, helpdesk for customer support, team collaboration tools, security features, custom reports and analytics, mobile apps, RSS feed integration, etc.

For more information, go here: SproutSocial



SocialReport is an all-in-one social media management and reporting solution that allows you to track and manage all of your social network accounts from one place.

It tracks the performance of your Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, business reviews, website performance and blogs, and displays data from your social channels using a simple and intuitive dashboard. You can quickly and easily organize your data by customers or business, and track competitor profiles in addition to your own.

Go here for more details: SocialReport


(Followerwonk Twitter Analytics)

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tools that provides insights into your Twitter followers and lets you search Twitter bios to connect with anyone, compare Twitter accounts to find overlaps and target new influencers, view interactive charts of new followers and unfollows, contrast your relationships with your competitors and friends, and explore and grow your social graph..

For more information, go here: Followerwonk Twitter Analytics



ManageFlitter provides you with a set of powerful tools that help you work smarter and faster with Twitter.

ManageFlitter lets you sort your followers and following lists by a range of criteria, find out when most of your followers are online and schedule tweets appropriately, easily search inside your Twitter stream to find and follow influencers for your business, use tweet analytics to track keywords and beat your competitors, manage multiple Twitter accounts, and more.

To learn more, go here: ManageFlitter



Beevolve is a social media monitoring tool for SMBs, online marketers, community managers, content marketers, and analysts. It lets you monitor your social media mentions, schedule and launch social media posts, and measure resulting sales and engagement, sentiment, social buzz, and more of all posts.

Go here for more details: Beevolve



HowSociable is a simple social media monitoring service that allows you to monitor brand mentions across different social media platforms.

How Sociable displays brand viability metrics and delivers you a “social magnitude” score that lets you know how well you are doing on those social sites.

Go here for more information: HowSociable



Mention is built on a simple idea of allowing anyone to know what’s being said about them online and on social media.

Mention’s algorithms monitor billions of data points, so when someone mentions your business online, you have real time actionable data that can help you with your business goals. Mention can also be used for collaborative monitoring.

More info: Mention

Google Analytics

(Google Analytics)

With so many great social media monitoring tools available, it’s easy to forget that applications like Google Analytics can help you track your social media campaigns.

Hootsuite has published a great tutorial on how to track social media links with Google Analytics on this blog post.

Facebook Insights


Facebook not only lets you integrate share, like, and follow social plugins and commenting features with your site, it also provides a comprehensive analytics tool called Facebook Insights. This lets you see how your site is performing on Facebook.

(Facebook Insights)

The Facebook Page Insights dashboard tracks displays data about your target audience on Facebook to help you with your business marketing efforts.

You can use Facebook’s Page Insights to see which of your posts have the most shares, comments, and likes and to learn about about your audience. You can then use this information to publish relevant posts to Facebook users.

More information: Facebook Insights

Twitter Analytics

(Twitter Analytics)

Twitter Analytics let you see how your tweets are performing and provides a breakdown of your profile visits, top tweets, followers, tweet impressions, and top tweets linking to you.

The Twitter Analytics dashboard also provides you with useful information about your tweets in the form of Tweet highlights, allowing you to plan your strategy for Twitter.

(Twitter Analytics – Tweet activity)

Go here for more details: Twitter Analytics

YouTube Analytics


YouTube Analytics provides analytics to video publishers.

You can monitor the performance of your YouTube channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports like the overview, real-time, earnings, engagement, and watch-time reports.

To learn more, go here: YouTube Analytics

Pinterest Analytics


Pinterest Analytics helps you explore what people like from your profile, and what they save from your website. With Pin insights, you can get information that helps you learn who your audience is and what they want.

Visit this website to learn more: Pinterest Analytics

Other Social Media-Related Services & Tools

With the explosive growth of social media predicted to continue rising, many new tools and technologies are being developed to help business engage and make sense of social data.

The list below contains a number of other social media-related tools and services. Keep in mind that new web technologies continually evolve. If anything changes in the list below, please let us know.


Wunderlist is a task management tool with a social twist. It lets you create professional and personal lists and share your lists with friends, colleagues and family.


SDL Web (formerly Alterian) is an all-in-one global web experience management solution that allows you to create engaging digital experiences with online consumers.


Answerbase lets you create social Q&A communities. The Answerbase Q&A Platform facilitates users being able to ask questions, browse Q&A content, and receive quality answers.


Appinions, makers of an influence analytics marketing platform built on patented natural language processing and social network analysis technology is now part of ScribbleLive, a content marketing and live publishing SaaS platform that lets you plan, create and distribute content online. You can optimize campaigns by quickly finding, tracking and connecting with opinion leaders who are most likely to influence a trend, idea, product or brand. Appinions enables brands to view the web through the lens of people’s opinions. This tool provides answers to content marketers’ questions like “what should we write about?”, ”what keywords do we use to make our content more easily discoverable?”, etc.


Viralheat (formerly ArgyleSocial – a social media marketing platform for marketers) is part of Cision, a global media intelligence software company. Viralheat runs a powerful data analytics platform that delivers insights from social media analytics. It is a highly scalable social media analytics and management platform. Viralheat offers predictive social analytics and a comprehensive social media management stream that combines monitoring, publishing, analytics and reporting for all major social networks in an intuitive interface. Customers can access metrics and KPI, monitor conversations, schedule and publish updates, and deliver presentation-ready reports.


Broadcast live using your mobile device or webcam, share to your blog or favorite social network and interact with viewers. Share via your smartphone and stream to your blog.


BlogDash connects and brings brands and bloggers together. Bloggers choose the types of opportunities they are open to being contacted about.


Brandwatch Analytics is a powerful social media monitoring and analytics platform that allows you to collect, analyze and report on your social media data.


Buzzflash is an independent platform for transformative ideas that features daily headlines whose goal is to inspire direct social action.


CircleCount is a Google+ education resource. CircleCount lets you discover all of the Google Plus circles that include your profile. If your profile isn’t already being monitored on CircleCount.com, you can easily add the url of your GooglePlus profile and it will start tracking your circles.


Commun.it lets you manage your Twitter relationships, focus on influencers and customers, schedule posts and manage multiple profiles, and analyze Twitter data.


Contax.io is a contact management tool for your social networks that tracks your friends and followers on Twitter and provides detail that helps you decide when to follow back.


With Conversocial you will never miss another comment about your brand. Conversocial lets you manage the flow of customer service enquiries and discussions on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Social Studio helps you build more meaningful relationships with customers by tapping into the power of social media across your marketing, sales organizations, and customer service..


Disqus is a free service that connects people online through blog comments and discussions. Disqus is used by millions of websites covering just about every topic imaginable.


Echofon provides users with full featured, clean social apps for Facebook and Twitter. Echofon apps notify you of messages and mentions. Echofon for Twitter automatically keeps unread tweets in sync between apps on different devices, makes viewing and sharing photos, videos, locations, and links simple, and Echofon for Facebook provides real-time chat to quickly send and receive messages to any of your friends online, browse your newsfeed and timelines, comment and like with ease and post videos and photos.


Everytime is a creative social media tool. If you work with sounds, videos, or images, you can save moments from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and any media to your computer. Those moments can then be easily discussed, shared, and found online via social collaboration.

Meltwater Icerocket

Meltwater IceRocket is a social search engine which allows you to search Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, or all of these for any keywords you like.


With GroupHigh you can promote your products, clients, or company using a blogger outreach tool that lets you search, sort, and filter to find and prioritize your blogger outreach based on which bloggers are active and building communities on popular social networks. GroupHigh’s blog search makes it easy to build a list of bloggers based on location, topics, content, and more.


Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence using the “Klout Score”, which is a numerical value between 1 and 100. You can use Klout to suggest shareable content that your users haven’t seen yet, and track how retweets, likes, and shares change your Klout Score.


Know About It lets you discover the most engaging and relevant content lost in your social stream. The stories are collected from the KnowAboutIt system from the previous 24 hours, and are ranked by the number of comments that the stories attract.


LiveFyre provides users with a real-time content marketing platform that lets you engage your audience, leverage native and social user-generated content surrounding your brand, and curate Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram content from fans into an interactive display.


Tailwind is a social media monitoring tool for Pinterest users. It lets you schedule pins, monitor Pinterest, analyze industry trends and measure results and performance across Pinterest.


Viralwoot helps you gain Pinterest followers, promote Pinterest pins, manage and grow multiple accounts, schedule pins with a free bookmarklet, create pin alerts, find which are your top performing pins and boards, connect with influencers, and more.


TweetReach allows you to measure how well your tweets, search queries, hashtags, and keywords are performing on Twitter. TweetReach gives you insights about Twitter and snapshot reports.


Keyhole is a real-time social media search tracking service that allows you to track URLs, #hashtags, and keywords on Twitter and Instagram. Users can monitor their performance results using easy to understand visual reports.


Riffle by CrowdRiff integrates with over a dozen Twitter platforms and provides you with insight into the current and potential value of Twitter users, engagement, interest, and real-time activity tracking tools. It integrates with most popular Twitter platforms allowing users to easily add it into their existing social media activities.


Merchii lets you link consumers, bloggers, and online merchants by tagging images on the web. Approved users can earn money from every purchase made.


MutualMind is a complete social data platform that lets you monitor, analyze and engage with social media. One web-based solution provides users with all the tools they need to display data on collaborative screens, detect moments or trends in social data and instantly route insights back to the enterprise.

Unified Social / PageLevel

PageLever, a leading Facebook analytics company, was acquired by Unified Social in January 2013. Since then, Pagelever’s comprehensive, real-time reporting has been integrated with Unified Social’s operating platform. These tools form a complete marketing suite for top global brands and agencies to aggregate, warehouse and activate their social data.


Refollow lets you find an audience, measure and manage your social media presence.


RetweetRank lets you get insights into your tweets, track engagement and monitor your brand.


Searchmetrics lets you see important key performance indicators such as the visibility of a page in social media.


SimplyMeasured provides a powerful social analytics solution for global brands.


SocialBakers delivers deep, competitive social media analytics that let you see how your social performance stacks against the competition and wider industry benchmarks. You can create, manage, and optimize all your Facebook and Twitter ads in one place, quickly identify your best content and top posting times, gain insights about your audience, and track long-term brand performance.


Synthesio is a social media intelligence tool. Synthesio provides scalable monitoring and analytics solutions to hundreds of leading brands and agencies around the world. Users can cut through the social noise, listen into the conversations that matter, measure their digital reputation, manage their consumer relationships and boost the ROI of their social activities.


Sysomos provides powerful social media analytics that lets you monitor, analyze, gather insights and make decisions that allow you to create better services and products for your customers. Type in your keyword and instantly see what people are saying on any topic both historically and in real-time across all social channels. Discover influencers, find new and related topics, and get insights into the communities that matter most to you.


ThisMoment allows businesses to engage with everyone, everywhere. Depending on your business, ThisMoment’s Content Cloud helps you find, mix and share a variety of content through different channels across the Enterprise.


Trackur provides simple, affordable, and fast social media monitoring.


Trapit is lets you easily support your sales enablement, social selling, and employee advocacy efforts by providing relevant content to your employees. With one click of a button, your teams can share content with their prospects, customers, and social networks.


With Tweepi, you can follow a @user’s followers, follow a @user’s friends, follow using a Twitter list, and follow by copy/pasting lists.


Followadder provides you with automated social networking Instagram management tools. It lets you get real Instagram followers, real photo likes and comments, schedule posts, follow/unfollow Instagram users, like back photos, automate photo likes and direct messaging, create lists, search by hashtag, and more.


Twellow is like the Yellow Pages for Twitter. Twellow lets you search dozens of business categories, or your geographical area for Twitter followers.


TwentyFeet provides users with a powerful social reporting tool that lets you visualize your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts along with any other service you use. Find out which of your tweets, posts, videos or photos get the most engagement in seconds.


Twitterfall allows Twitter users to view upcoming trends and patterns posted by other Twitter users.


Wajam is a tool that displays search results based on what your friends share above your normal search results.


Addictomatic lets you instantly create a page with the latest buzz on any chosen topic.


Bitly lets you share, track and analyze your links.


MyTopTweet shows your best performing tweets.


SocialMention is a real-time social media search and analysis platform.


Twazzup provides real-time Twitter monitoring and analytics.


TweetDeck is a powerful tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and social engagement on Twitter.


We hope that you have found this information useful. To learn more about the benefits of using WordPress to grow your business online, please see other tutorials and articles we have published on this site.


"I am beyond impressed with what you have put together. I can tell that you put a ton of hard work into building what you have. You have the absolute best content on WordPress I have ever seen!" - Robert T. Jillie

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