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WP Viral Payments One-Click Upsell Forms Plugin For WordPress

The “1-click” order form upsell is a proven and highly effective way to increase revenue from selling products online.

Companies like Amazon.com make millions of dollars in additional sales from one-click upsells.

For example, as soon as Amazon customers make a purchase selection, they are given the opportunity to add additional items to their carts …

(Amazon makes millions of dollars in additional sales from 1-click upsells!)

Another classic one-click upsell strategy made popular by Amazon to increase sales is the “Customers Who Bought XYZ Product Also Bought These” feature …

(“Customers Who Bought XYZ Also Bought” is one of Amazon.com’s best upselling techniques!)

Another example of a “soft” one-click upselling strategy that tends to convert very well is to offer something for free (e.g. free audio interviews), with the option to upgrade to a paid related product (e.g. 1 on 1 training) …

(One-click upselling from a free offer!)

Instead of upselling customers to more expensive items, you can also use 1-click ordering to offer less expensive items, allowing you to squeeze extra dollars from every customer who decides to purchase your main product …

(Use one-click upsell forms to promote additional items)

There’s no doubt that One-click order form upsells are a proven and highly effective way to increase product sales online.

What’s not so immediately apparent to many online business owners, is the fact that they

When your prospect clicks on your affiliate link or a link from ads on Twitter or YouTube Videos, a sales page buy button, or a banner ad, you have a small window of opportunity to improve your revenue and grow your list. Allowing customers to add extra items when completing a purchase with a single click is one of the smartest ways to increase the amount of money you can make without requiring you to invest any additional time, effort or dollars in advertising and marketing.

(One-click upselling is a proven and effective way to increase sales online!)

Imagine being able to offer your visitors a price discount of 10% – 15%, or even something like 90% off an additional purchase in return for clicking a button and sharing news of their purchase on social media, or entering a coupon code …

(Offer a special discount to visitors who share your offer with their friends online)

Normally, the ability to add one-click upselling forms to websites requires expensive e-commerce solutions and expert integration by experienced web programmers, and can take weeks to set up.

Apart from the hassle, delays and expense associated with getting one-click upselling features to work on your site, these solutions often work only with a particular payment processor.

If your site is powered by WordPress, adding 1-click upsell forms to your sales process is simple and easy, thanks to a simple, yet powerful new plugin.

Presenting …

WP ViralPayments – 1-Click Order Form Upsells WordPress Plugin

Product Description

WP ViralPayments is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily add 1-click upsell forms to any WordPress page …

(Add 1-click upsells to any page on your WordPress site)

WP Viral Payments includes of high-converting, custom-made graphics …

(WPViralPayments includes graphic elements)

The plugin adds a shortcode menu button at the top of your WordPress page editor …

(WP Viral Payments shortcode)

Use this menu item to choose graphic elements and other WP Viral Payments components like order boxes and videos from the built-in gallery and add them to your pages …

(WP Viral Payments lets you add graphics, order boxes and videos to forms!)

Once installing and activating the plugin, a module appears on your pages, allowing you to add, edit and customize all plugin settings …

(Features can be switched on and off allowing you to fully customize forms)

From this section, you then have the ability to control how every feature of the plugin works …

(Manage and control every aspect of WP ViralPayments)

Learn more here:

Plugin Benefits

Here we have listed just a few of the benefits and advantages of using the WP ViralPayments plugin to add 1-click upselling functionality to your site:

Be Up And Running In Minutes

WPViralPayments is really easy to install. Just upload the plugin file to your Plugin folder via your WordPress dashboard and activate.

Really Simple And Easy To Use

WPViralPayments is simple and easy to configure and requires no programming expertise.

You simply turn options on and off, specify the features you want and use the built-in library to add graphic elements to your forms. The form builder works just like the WordPress content editor, allowing you to add custom text, graphics and any other element you like to your forms. Complete tutorials are also provided.

WP Viral Payments Makes You Money

Offering additional items in the same transaction is a great way to increase your return on investment. You can offer upsells or upgrades on your own products, quality PLR products, expansion packs, affiliate products, etc.

For example, if you are offering a training guide, you can offer customers the option to upgrade to the expanded version which includes additional training materials (e.g. a video recording of a live workshop, a powerpoint presentation, a set of infographics, etc.)

For a range of ways you can use to increase your profits with this plugin, see the “Useful Tips” section further below.

WP Viral Payments Saves You Money

The WPViralPayments plugin works with any payment system and requires no costly web development to install and set up, expensive shopping carts or merchant accounts to run.

Use With All WordPress Themes

WP Viral Payments is a plugin, so regardless of whatever theme you are running, with a single click you can add 1-click upsells to any WordPress page.

Customers Have A Transparent Buying Experience

Customers are in control of their purchasing decision.

Build A List, Generate Viral Traffic And Increase Sales

As you will discover in the “Features” section below, the plugin helps improve your revenue, grow your list and generate additional traffic, without requiring you to invest any additional time, effort or dollars in advertising and marketing.

Collect Prospect Contact Details Before They Purchase

The problem with most online sales processes is that you only capture the contact details of a customer after the buyer gone through and purchased.

This means that if prospects abandon the sales process (which occurs quite frequently), you don’t get their emails.

WPViralPayments lets you switch on “Required Optin” before a purchase is made, preventing you from losing valuable leads whether they go ahead and complete their purchase, abandon the cart, lose their confirmation emails or simply forget to confirm …

(Collect your prospect’s emails before they buy)

WP ViralPayments Features

WP Viral Payments provides many great features to site owners. Here are the main features of this plugin:

1-Click Upselling

One of the most compelling reasons to use this plugin is that it allows you to add one-click order form upsells to your pages …

(Add 1-click upsell forms to any page on your WordPress site)

This makes it effortless for visitors to upgrade their purchase by simply checking or unchecking the checkboxes next to the additional items you are offering. Your customers are still in control of the ordering process.

Share Offers Socially For Discount

By enabling additional options in the plugin you can easily add extra social social features, such as the ability to offer customers additional discounts for alerting their friends about their new purchase on social media …

(WP Viral Payments lets you easily add extra social sharing features to 1-click upselling forms)

This places an announcement about the purchase on the newsfeeds of all their friends, increasing visibility for your business online …

(Profit with referral marketing)

WP ViralPayments allows you to customize the information customers will be sharing on their social pages, including the text, image and destination URL …

(Fully customize the plugin’s social sharing feature)

You can direct the traffic generated by this feature to any online property you want (e.g. a squeeze page for generating additional subscribers, sales page, a specific blog post, etc.), just by entering the destination URL in the plugin settings.

Use Coupon Codes

WP Viral Payments lets you set up multiple cash discount coupons quickly …

(Coupon Integration)

You can also combine share for discount and coupon features. This enables your customers to virally share discount coupons.

Integrate With Autoresponders

WPViralPayments is also compatible with many autoresponders (e.g. Aweber) …

(Autoresponder Integration)

As mentioned earlier, this lets people subscribe to your list before completing their transaction, so even if there is shopping cart abandonment, you can contact them later.

Additional features include:

Through the use of leverage and automation, and, depending on the type of products you sell, you can use the plugin to build your list, generate more web traffic and increase sales, and effectively configure your sales process so visitors and affiliates end up doing most of the selling for you!

Go here to learn more about the plugin:


Below are some of the testimonials and comments that plugin users have published about the WPViralPayments plugin:

”THIS IS AMAZING! My brain’s spinning thinking of all the kick ass things I can do with this. Thanks so much!” Edwin Torres


”I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Viral Payments. I knew I wanted the enormous power of the one-click-upsell but didn’t want the nightmare of coding it myself… this is the perfect solution and Viral Payments is now embedded within all of my sales funnels. Not only is Viral Payments a superb product, making the industry leading marketing tactics available in a super easy-to-use and time-saving plug in but, the product support is second to none. There is so much functionality, so many possible applications. Thank you for a top product and for your excellent customer support.” Chris Todd

WPViralPayments – List-Building, Traffic Generation And Money-Making Strategies

Let’s show you examples of traffic generation, list-building and money-making strategies that this plugin makes possible:

Monetize Thank You Pages When Building A List

You can add a 1-click upsell form to your “thank you” page offering a special discount on the purchase of a particular item after someone signs up to your optin form. This allows you to monetize free opt-ins to your list …

(Monetize Thank You Pages When Building A List)

As you can see from the screenshot below, you can take this one step further and offer customers an additional discount as an incentive for sharing your offer virally with their friends on social media. WPViralPayments allows you to fully configure the information customers will be sharing with their friends, including the text, image and destination URL …

(Customizable Social Sharing Feature)

Service Upselling

Here is another strategy that converts extremely well. You offer customers a low price item or service on the front end (your own product or someone else’s that you have permission to resell), and then offer a higher-priced service as an upsell. This could be a set up service, 1-on-1 consultation, etc. …

(Upsell Services – e.g. Customization)

Tip: With “done for you” services, the work can often be outsourced for a fraction of the cost.

Get Viral Traffic Offering A Valuable Product For Free

This strategy is not so much about selling upfront, but more about generating traffic and building your opt-in list. You can offer people a choice of purchasing a valuable product, or get it 100% free in exchange for sharing your special offer with their friends and joining your list …

(Drive More Traffic Offering A Valuable Product For Free)

As the above example shows, your visitors can opt to purchase the product advertised for $27, or share it with all of their friends and download it at no cost after sharing.

Note: To build a list, you can add the opt-in form in the gift download page.

Promote An Affiliate Offer And Include An Exclusive Bonus

If you promote affiliate products, a great way to earn affiliate commissions and build a list at the same time is to set up a form that allows visitors to download a free bonus by purchasing someone else’s product using your affiliate link …

(Include A Valuable Bonus With An Affiliate Offer)

Amazon Affiliate Upsell Model

Offer a free ebook and upsell the people who download your item to a physical product. You don’t have to limit yourself to using WPViralPayments for upselling digital products only. You can also upsell physical products to customers and build a list at the same time. These can be your products or someone else’s (e.g. an affiliate product).

For example, the screenshot below shows how you could set up a giving away a free e-book and upsell your customers to an affiliate product from Amazon …

(Amazon Affiliate Upsell Model)

Note: Alternatively, if you sell a “how to guide” you can offer a free download and upsell customers a physical version of the e-book delivered via a Print on Demand service (e.g. Amazon Print on Demand).

Offer An Online Version Of A Physical Product

Another very effective strategy for building a list, is to give your customers the choice of either buying a physical product (e.g. a DVD), or downloading an online version of the product for free, as shown in the example below …

(Offer An Online Version Of A Physical Product)

Recurring Income Model

WP ViralPayments allows you to upsell subscription-based products and services, giving you the opportunity to create continuity income from your offers. An example of this is upselling web hosting for web-based services, memberships, etc …

(Recurring Income Model)

With all of the strategies described above, you can create upsell and cross-sell offers using your own products and services, downloadable PDF reports, videos, audios, bonuses provided by other marketers or businesses, Private Label Rights products, resell rights products, digital/physical affiliate products, etc.

All of the above can also be integrated with coupons, social sharing, viral traffic and list building, giving you many exciting possibilities to grow your business.

WP ViralPayments Support

Rob Cornish, the developer of the WP Viral Payments plugin is a well-known marketer and WordPress plugin developer.

The software is well-supported, and “Ultimate” license users (see below) get lifetime upgrades and new releases for free with their purchase, backed by a no-risk, 60 day, 100% refund guarantee.

Getting the plugin set up and running takes just a few minutes. Tutorials are available to plugin users. Training covers how to install and license the plugin, initial setup, how to create a viral payments page, using payment links, using list-building, discount coupons and viral sharing features, video integration, creating custom button graphics and more.

(Training is given to plugin users)

Plugin Cost

Note: Current pricing for the WP ViralPayments plugin can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. The price shown above was correct when this article was written. This may or may not be the actual price charged by the plugin developer when you visit the site and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after you’ve purchased.

Check the plugin’s website for the latest price:

Additional Info

As you’ve just seen, you can use WPViralPayments to make money, build your list and generate traffic even if you have no product or service of your own.

Even if you haven’t got an upsell to offer, the one-click order form upsell feature is just one of many features that come with the plugin. You can still benefit from the sharing for discount, list-building and discount coupon features.

For a demo video showing how the plugin works, including installation instructions and tutorials, FAQs, support helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the WP ViralPayments website.

Install The Plugin …

One-click upselling is a proven and tested way to increase product sales online, but it can be expensive, complex and time-consuming to set up. The WP ViralPayments plugin was developed to overcome this issue.

WP ViralPayments is a powerful, yet simple and easy to use WordPress plugin that can help build your list, drive more traffic and grow sales.

For complete details, check out the plugin here:



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